CIO’s – Eliminate Your Stress with Microsoft Dynamics AX from AlfaPeople
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May 20, 2016

CIO’s – Eliminate Your Stress with Microsoft Dynamics AX from AlfaPeople

One of the biggest problems that large companies face is getting enough of the right information to the right people in time to make important decisions. CIO’s are often faced with having to sort through data to isolate relevant information, creating custom reports for each department and manager. The right ERP software can simplify this task by allowing all departments to share information freely and create their own custom dashboards to show them the most important metrics that influence their local operations.

Full Scale Information Sharing

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a fully flexible and scalable information system that bridges the gap between departments, physical locations, management teams and field employees. While other information tracking systems have traditionally been targeted at only serving one specific part of any organization, isolating your financial team from your sales team and so on, this ERP software brings everything together. This means that CIO’s are able to access all of the information they need from a single point, and send out important updates to all parties, even when the information comes from many different reference points.

Real-Time Data

In the past, CIO’s got bogged down in the reporting process, trying to gather data, put it into meaningful reports and get it sent back out to the appropriate managing parties. Today, programs like Microsoft Dynamics collect data on an ongoing basis and generate reports using up to the minute statistics. This means that managers are seeing real time data about their performance, as opposed to days or weeks old information from a previous reporting point. By closing the time gap between when reports are generated and when managers can see the data, the company becomes increasingly flexible and proactive instead of reactive.

Top-Down Access

Microsoft Dynamics provides a particularly useful infrastructure for designing top down databases. The CIO will have the access to all available data concerning the day-to-day operations of the company. From there, they can funnel information down to individuals in each field and department according to that individual’s preferences and needs. ERP software makes it possible for each department to select the information they want to see, while hiding the rest of the information unless it is called up. These personalized dashboards can be set up during the initial ERP implementation process, and can be revisited at any point to adjust for any additional data that becomes available over time.

The goal of Microsoft Dynamics AX is to provide your company with the best available information at all times in an easy to use package. CIO’s can appreciate the time they will save building and sorting reports, so they can focus on data integrity and getting real results out of the information instead. Managers will see an immediate difference in the amount of information available to them and the way the data is presented so that it can be deciphered and easily compared. As all parties get a more complete view of how their team is performing in relation to the company as a whole, effective changes can happen sooner rather than later.

AlfaPeople specializes in ERP implementations using Microsoft Dynamics AX as the primary tools for helping companies get a better grasp of their business intelligence. Their team will consult with your team and help you design an ERP system that can replace all of the point solution programs in your company with one solid infrastructure that has a shared information backbone.