Social CRM

Listen and engage with your clients
and track competitors activity on Social Media.

Social Engagement is the new Microsoft Professional tool that allows you to listen and engage with your clients or customers on social media platforms. With Social Engagement you can also track promotional activity or conversations that your competitors are having on their networks. Dashboards are bespoke and available in more than 40 languages, allowing you to view only the information that is relevant for your department or location. There are two options for social engagement and both tools can be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Social Listening

If you only need to listen to what your clients or customers are saying, with Social Listening you can follow how your customers are interacting with your organisation, their opinions regarding a promotion or business practice, or simply if there is something wrong on your website.

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Social Engagement

Social Engagement is the extended tool and could be seen as the Pro Version of Social Listening. Depending on the size of your company and the extent of your social media presence, you can either use Social Listening to only “listen” to the voice of your customers and/or a competitor’s reputation, or you can decide to engage with them by using Social Engagement. This tool has the following capabilities:

  • Monitor and listen to what customers are saying by setting up rules for the common social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Messages, and Videos. You are also able to add custom sources for RSS Feeds.
  • Directly interact with your clients or customers by answering, liking, deleting and/or sharing and retweeting posts. o Enhance the information that your marketing and sales team has by using the ‘out of the box’ created graphs to track customer sentiment, geolocation information as well as the quality and quantity of posts.
  • Create rules that inform individuals or teams when something extraordinary happens (e.g. sentiment significantly decreases/increases either in real-time or compared to a previous period.
  • Create maps to track how your reputation is affected when executing customer or location-based marketing campaigns.
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Functionalities of Social Engagement

Social Engagement - Stay alert with 24/7 notifications

Stay alert with 24/7 notifications

Set up alarms for specific keywords and the system will alert you once any of your followers use the keyword. For example, if there is an issue with a product and customers post on Twitter/Facebook other to say: “My new TV does not work” or “The product was delivered broken”, the system will automatically send you a notification for you or your team to take action. You can set the tool up so you only receive updates about negative comments and only receive updates if volumes significantly increase.

Social Engagement - Follow your competitors

Follow your competitors

Microsoft Social Engagement allows you to track your competitors’ latest online promotions and the reactions of their clients or customers on any social media platform. Use the keyword function to understand the most common words that your competitors are using in their activities.

Social Engagement - Mapping social media users

Mapping social media users

Find who the comments posted on your social media feeds come from. You can build an understanding of the interactions that your customers or clients are having per country or region. A single click will connect you with the feedback your organization is receiving anywhere in the world.

Social Engagement - Keywords tracking

Keywords tracking

You can set up a list of keywords to monitor on your chosen social network – equivalent to Twitter or Instagram hashtags (#). With this option, you have the ability to listen to feedback about your company, products, and services and/or your competitors. The Keyword search functionality has been extended by adding “Inclusions” and “Exclusions” to receive the best results for your needs.

Social Engagement - Manage all your Social Platforms with streams in Social Center

Manage all your Social Platforms with streams in Social Center

Streams is an area of Microsoft Social Engagement that allows you to split searches into vertical streams, providing an overview of what’s happening across your social media channels. The streams can be filtered based on: keywords, sources, languages, sentiment, sentiment status (automatically rated or manually), reach plus nine more attributes, in order to provide you with a data set to analyze.

Social Engagement Analytics

Social Engagement - Location


Are you targeting a specific region and would like to understand if the message communicated as part of the campaign has been successfully delivered? Is your organization about to launch a new product? Do you need to run more campaigns in a specific market?

Social Engagement - Sentiment


Each post that results from your defined searches is processed by the sentiment algorithm in the original language and annotated with a calculated sentiment value. The values are split into three categories: positive, negative and neutral, with the values +10, 0, and -10 respectively. Based on the accumulated sentiment values of posts, an average sentiment score is calculated, which is called the sentiment index.

Social Engagement - Visibility


The Visibility tool tracks and measures the comments you receive based on positive or negative content – if your follower has a significant number of followers anyone can read what they are posting which can either benefit or disadvantage your brand image. Reach value: Reach is a measure of the posting person’s social media presence – it is the measurement of how content is spread across various social media channels.