Microsoft Cloud Services

Access data through the company network
and/or the internet from anywhere at any time.

Advantages of Cloud computing

Mobility: Access your business information from wherever you are and from any wireless device. This competitive advantage enhances a client’s ability to serve customers from anywhere, increasing productivity and results.

Storage capacity: Working in the Microsoft Cloud offers virtually unlimited storage, due to its scalable model. Clients can expand their storage options to meet business needs.

Flexibility: The Microsoft Cloud allows clients to manage periods of high demand and then return to normal processing capabilities.

Affordability: Clients can greatly reduce technology costs by removing the need for any upfront investment and by using the option of an OPEX monthly payment related to required usage. In addition, there’s no need to own expensive technology infrastructure.

Pay-per-use: There are a number of Microsoft Cloud models, which mean clients only pay for what they need and use, with the opportunity to adjust resources and costs as the business grows, for example, by adding or removing services.

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Reliability: Microsoft adheres to the highest possible safety standards, as it is fully compliant with international privacy and encryption standards.

Eco-friendly approach: By operating with cloud services, clients can reduce energy consumption and related costs and reduce their carbon footprint, providing significant benefits for the bottom line and the environment.

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