Calculating the Value of Dynamics 365 for Business
AlfaPeople |
Jun 06, 2017

Calculating the Value of Dynamics 365 for Business

Throughout the history of business computing – from mainframes to minicomputers, PCs, and server-based networks – the ultimate objective was never to own equipment; it was to harness the value of business data. Today, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 achieves that goal with strategic, tactical, and economic advantages for informed decision-making, without a large capital investment in infrastructure.

Strategic Advantage:  Do more to build your business

Business thrives on information – from the big-picture overview to isolated detail. Unlike siloed systems that segregate marketing and operations data, Dynamics 365 unifies ERP and CRM in one solution, making it easier to evaluate both costs and ROI for more profitable overall decisions.

  • See customers and business in a whole new light. With every organization under pressure from changing markets and trends, integrated Dynamics 365 functions offer more flexibility to view and manage your business the way you want.
  • Gain deeper understanding with real-time insight. Dynamics’ built-in analytics, versatile reporting, and Excel compatibility help you analyze and format data in ways that are most meaningful to you. Evaluate exactly where your business stands, how it got there, and which aspects could benefit from a new strategic approach.
  • Empower consistent user access. Dynamics 365 supports seamless omnichannel operations to ensure consistent retail customer experiences through any channel.

Tactical Advantage:  Integrate management of your entire business

A Common Data Model – the heart of Dynamics 365’s value as an integrated solution – makes it easier to exploit the full value of business information.

  • Manage all aspects of your business. All data collected through ERP, CRM, and third-party application modules is accessible through one database to support better business decisions across:
  • Generate better business intelligence. Power BI (Business Intelligence) analytic and reporting features enhance the ability to exercise your own insight and creativity, using all data at your fingertips.
  • Satisfy specific applications. Seamlessly compatible third-party applications for Dynamics are available through Microsoft AppSource to address specific needs. They include categories such as collaboration, productivity, HR, and supply chain, and industries from manufacturing, distribution, and retail, to healthcare, financial, government, professional services, and beyond.

Economical Advantage: The affordable convenience of the cloud

Perhaps the most liberating advantages of Dynamics 365 are the cloud-based features that make it so responsive to your needs at predictable, affordable costs.

  • Scale capacity up or down as required. Whether you need to accommodate organic growth over time or just satisfy intermittent seasonal spikes, Dynamics lets you adapt storage and computing requirements – and costs – to match your business. Pay for only the services you need, only as you need them.
  • Provide built-in convenient mobility. With access through your company network, the Internet, or any wireless device, Dynamics 365 allows your associates, customers, and prospects to connect through on-site or mobile sources.
  • Embrace the confidence of built-in security. With Dynamics 365 hosted in the Microsoft Cloud, privacy and security controls compliant with the highest industry standards are updated automatically. You gain peace-of-mind without the cost or hassle of do-it-yourself.
  • Appreciate the convenience of cloud maintenance. With Dynamics 365 as your intelligent business application resource, you avoid the overhead and effort of maintaining system capability, availability, updates, and security.

Evaluate your advantages, personally

More than a decade of Microsoft Dynamics experience and customer success, gives AlfaPeople the expertise and insight needed to implement better business support solutions. Request a tour of Dynamics 365 capabilities to see how we can satisfy your specific concerns about adding value to your business.