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Distributed Order Management: Maximizing your DOM configuration with fulfillment plan profiles

2019-12-30T07:16:37-06:00December 30th, 2019|

If you are following along with the Distributed Order Management in Dynamics 365 blog posts, this is the third of the DOM series. In the first blog post, we covered an overview of what DOM can do for your omni-channel retail solution. In the second blog post, we explored the different rules that can be [...]

Distributed Order Management: Understanding the fulfillment rules you can apply to your Dynamics 365 ERP technology

2019-12-23T07:17:16-06:00December 23rd, 2019|

If you are following along from the previous Distributed Order Management blog, this is the second of the DOM series. If you have not read the overview featured in Part 1, I recommend you start from the beginning in order to understand the fundamentals of DOM. In this blog post, we will look at the [...]

Data Migration 101: Working in the Cloud with Dynamics 365 ERP technology

2019-12-11T12:18:20-06:00December 11th, 2019|

Data Migration for any ERP (Enterprise Relationship Management) implementation is a daunting subject. Years, potentially decades, of data must be analyzed, sorted, and reconstructed for the new ERP system at hand, Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Finance. Dynamics 365 introduces new challenges for data migration, however, Microsoft's formal shift to the [...]

All you need to know about Distributed Order Management in Dynamics 365

2019-12-10T06:00:47-06:00December 10th, 2019|

The retail world is a vastly different place to what it was 20 years ago. Not only do customers demand new products and services, but today's retailers are also required to adapt and transition to new strategies, standards, technology, and payment methods almost constantly. In such a fast-paced environment, it is easy to become overwhelmed [...]

How to Master Electronic Reporting in Dynamics 365 – Part I

2019-11-25T08:30:19-06:00November 25th, 2019|

Generic Electronic Reporting (GER) or Electronic Reporting (ER) is a new configurable tool in Dynamics 365. We can use it to configure formats for both incoming and outgoing electronic documents. No coding or queries are required, meaning functional consultants or business users who have good knowledge of the Dynamics 365 data structure can easily configure [...]

Drive Advanced Warehouse excellence with Dynamics 365 Waves

2019-12-09T06:57:37-06:00November 22nd, 2019|

"Wave" is an industry term used in Warehouse Management or WMS. In a "wave", orders of a similar nature are grouped together and make short intervals for picking the items. Every order at a later stage is converted into a shipment. The purpose is to get many orders out the door. It supports the organizing [...]

5 reasons why you’ll love a new integrated CRM system

2019-07-29T08:30:41-05:00September 27th, 2018|

If you’re a CIO in retail, you understand the importance of access to good data. It’s critical to what you do. However, like two city skyscrapers built next to each other, traditional data management systems function as independent “side-by-side” structures. In other words, your ERP data are in one place and your CRM data are [...]

Are You Using IoT to Maximize Your Customers’ Retail Experience? (You Should)

2019-05-20T08:33:16-05:00June 11th, 2018|

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides retailers with great "tech tools" for gathering information about their business. But there’s one retail area where IoT shines — it helps retailers create the ultimate customer experience. With access to the right IoT applications, you can elevate your customers’ retail experience for greater repeat business, brand loyalty, and sales. [...]

Dynamics 365: One Resource That Simplifies Business Retail Operations

2018-09-11T11:28:09-05:00October 20th, 2017|

The quest for customer focus in the Retail industry has taken on my different facets over the years from the S&H Green Stamps at the general store to the dynamics of proximity beacons of today that will identify a customer based on their handheld device and alert them to specials in the store. Capturing and [...]

How You Take Your Coffee May Affect Its Taxability

2018-09-11T11:28:09-05:00October 19th, 2017|

When researching my favorite beverage for National and International Coffee Days (Sept. 29 and Oct. 1), I discovered that coffee hyped up goats in ninth-century Ethiopia and was dubbed a "bitter invention of Satan" by 17th century Christian Italians. This was unexpected. Still, the history of coffee surprises me less than the taxability of coffee [...]

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