Become the next data superhero with Power BI
AlfaPeople |
Jun 03, 2016

Become the next data superhero with Power BI

Did you know that Gartner has positioned Microsoft as a Leader, for the ninth consecutive year, in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms? And that more than 90,000 organizations in 185 countries use Power BI? And more importantly, why has it become so popular?

Microsoft Power BI is leading the way in Business Analytics, and in this short blogpost I will explain why and how Power BI can empower your company’s business strategy and help you become the data superhero of your organization.

In today’s fast paced business environment companies constantly seek to keep ahead of the game and beat the competition. The recognition of how important visualization tools and analytics is becoming more and more apparent. Microsoft Power BI can support you and your company to make smart decisions for tomorrow and the needs of the future. It is vital to deliver key insights from data, and this is made much easier and quick with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

In simple words, Power BI brings your data to life!

But how?

As mentioned, more than 90,000 organizations in 185 countries use Power BI. This speaks to the strength of the tool, but you probably would like to know why, understandably so.

I will briefly try to explain; Power BI aligns sales, marketing, customer service, IT, Operations and Finance.  Power BI is a business analytics tool which is cloud based and it allows anyone to analyze and envision your data efficiently and at great speed. Users are connected to a broad variety of data through dashboards that are easy to use and this truly brings captivating visualizations which will bring your data to life.

In other words, Power BI is able to make you the data hero of your organization with these 4 key points.

  • Your business in one single dashboard – Power BI on the web allows you to monitor vital data across the entire organization and you can easily on the go see it all from your iPad, iPhone and other electronic devices.
  • Reliable analysis across your company – SQL server Analysis services lets you build reliable and strong models consisting of your data in order to achieve a consistent report- and analysis process.
  • Produce reports that are interactive – Power BI desktop provides you with the tools to visualize and study data. Moreover, you can share your data in split seconds with your entire organization using Power BI on the web.
  • Visuals embedded in your app – meaning that by integrating your app in Power BI you will be able to deliver interactive reports which are visually rich and all of the dashboards are in real-time, making sure it is visible for all your users.

On a concluding note of this Power BI blogpost, I would like to say that is merely my point of view on what makes Power BI the frontrunner in Business Analytics.