9 Things you can control with CRM for the medical field
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Apr 05, 2017

9 Things you can control with CRM for the medical field

Technology advances on a daily basis and it is being incorporated into different markets where, if you are not technologically up to date, you can become an easy prey of the competition.

Nowadays, making a difference in customer service while leaning on technology is a growing need in the education, services, real estate and healthcare sectors.

Do you know your patients? Do you have a patient that needs yearly procedures? Do you know how many medical procedures each doctor does?

Normally, it is likely that you have to wait a few days to have an answer to these questions, however, if you have CRM handy you will access such valuable information in a matter of seconds.

Dynamics CRM 365, adapts to your needs by having all information available 24/7, and a complete view of every clinical history.

Take a look at 9 of the most important things you can do with Dynamics CRM 365 in the medical field:

  1. If you offer annual services, you can contact the patient 1 month before the anniversary of their last treatment and remind them they can do it again with your company. Executing a follow-up with that level of personalization will definitely make you stand out from your competition and the patient will feel that your medical center is attentive to their health and needs.
  2. With CRM you can schedule appointments, keep a close control of all the appointments of the day, of the week or of the next 15 days.
  3. You can also have visibility of the closest appointments.
  4. Confirm the appointment a day before, and send the indications and requirements in advance.
  5. Confirm the day and the real time, in which any patient attended their appointment.
  6. For the sales and marketing department, the information captured in the patient’s file will be of great importance to generate sales strategies based, for example, in locations where there is a greater presence of patients. Campaigns can also be carried out according to an age group, or by type of treatment needed.
  7. Also, you can organize a health fair or send special promotions by focusing on specific target audiences to attract more patients.
  8. In Dynamics CRM 365 you can store all the procedures performed in the medical center and associate them with different customer lists to offer patients special prices, as well as some promotions or agreements.
  9. In the administrative area, you can register the medical staff and keep your own statistics of their efficiency.

Be part of the technological change, and dare to transform the way you run your medical business with Dynamics CRM 365.

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