Five Ways to Bolster Your Competitiveness Whitepaper's Cover

Five ways to bolster your competitiveness with technology

How will this whitepaper help me?

Five ways to bolster your competitiveness breaks through the complexities of post go-live scenarios, giving you strategies to ensure you’re drawing the very best from your investment in business-critical Microsoft Dynamics solutions – including how AlfaPeople can drive your Dynamics platform into the future with support and maintenance services, particularly in the Cloud.

Five ways to bolster your competitiveness

Many business leaders find themselves questioning whether their major investments in business-critical solutions are meeting initial expectations. Are we using the full functionality of the platform? Are we good at creating links between the core solution and the many business applications we have access to? Have users taken on the latest tools, or are they quickly switching back to bad habits? This nagging feeling does not disappear by itself and is only amplified as more aspects of the business are digitized. Sound familiar? Read on!

What you’ll take from this whitepaper

Let us walk you through a series of post go-live outcomes to help you understand:

  • Why moving your on-premise Dynamics solution to the Cloud is the right thing to do
  • How you can draw the most from your Microsoft Dynamics investment by relying on specialist consultants
  • How end users work to create the desired change and business value
  • Why you should work with dedicated teams to focus on development after implementation
  • Why you should secure flexibility in the supplier agreement when purchasing services