An Introduction to ITIL Alignment in the Organisation


Do you feel that your IT Service Management toolset could use some improvement? Are you wondering the level of ITIL alignment your company is currently operating at? Is your IT team stretched for time but in need of ITIL education? Join Craig Mitchell, Senior ITSM Consultant at AlfaPeople to find out how your organisation can get back on the right track of ITIL alignment and IT Service Management.


  • An Introduction to ITIL
  • What is ITIL and what is its importance in modern organisations?

  • Understanding ITIL Maturity
  • What is the significance of ITIL maturity for your IT teams?

  • Increasing ITIL Awareness
  • An introduction to the ITIL awareness workshops – training multiple staff at pace.

  • ITIL Process Re-engineering
  • Starting the journey by changing your process

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