Forward Thinking: Is there a Place for Blockchain in Higher Education?

5 June 2018, 15:00pm BST

Blockchain is most commonly recognised in 2018, placed under the umbrella of Finance and cryptocurrency. This is in part down to the popularisation of bitcoin and its star-studded presence in the media. Something less often discussed is where the blockchain may apply outside of the banking and monetary arena. It’s with this in mind that we ask, is there a place for blockchain technology in education?

Join Donna Chadwick, Education Lead and Anna McLean, Alliance Manager, in this webinar which explores the potential of blockchain in Education as a credentialing system in Universities and workplaces with graduate placement programmes.

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Donna Chadwick

Donna Chadwick – Senior Dynamics Consultant and HE Lead
Donna Chadwick is a dedicated innovative lead with a wealth of in-depth experience across multiple sectors, 8+ years working with MS Dynamics CRM and 15 years in Private sector sales and marketing and an Honours Degree in Diagnostic Radiography.

Anna McLean

Anna McLean – Alliance Manager
Implementing modern technology for organisation and efficiency within the staff. Taking on fast-paced demanding roles teaching me to work productively under pressure. Following detailed instructions and using great initiative to amend directions to achieve more desirable results and overall success.