AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring

AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring


Are you getting enough out of your CRM system? Do you have the right combination of licenses? Does your CRM provide the expected value?

Now, more than ever it is necessary to optimize your business – especially at the company’s ongoing costs, which probably can be easily reduced by going through them thoroughly.

With AlfaPeople’s Usage Monitoring service, we can help you both save costs, optimize your investment and benefits in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ensure your company’s GDPR compliance.

Please join this 25-minute webinar and let us introduce you to the AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring tool and how your company can benefit from this service.


  • Welcome
  • How AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring tool can help your business on 3 key points:
    • Increase User Adoption on and your investment in Dynamics CRM
    • Setting up the right combination of Dynamics licenses
    • Make sure your company is GDPR compliant
  • Walk-through of the insigts the Usage Monitoring tool gives you and how you can work with these. I will show you examples from other companies and how they innovated their business and saved cost with Usage Monitoring.
  • Q&A