Whether you have had your CRM up and running for weeks or years, you may be struggling with some of the below. These challenges have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis as we have seen a new way of working for organisations around the globe.

  1. Lack of user adoption: Only 40% of businesses claim a 90% CRM adoption rate, leaving many struggling to get users comfortable with the system, and reaping optimal value from the software.

With bespoke training by user and department we ensure each of our customers are utilising the best of the Microsoft suite to help them succeed in their daily work. Following implementation, ongoing automated usage reviews provide further, detailed insight into just how well the solution is being adopted, and recommendations on how to improve this to obtain the most value.

  1. Disorganised data: Cluttered data and inaccurate information, such as contacts, and account status, can result in poor lead qualification and reporting. In turn, increasing the risk of opportunities slipping through the net and missing out on that sale that could have contributed to next quarters profitability.

By providing insights and recommendations on how to clean your CRM and maintain fully up to date information users will be best positioned to access all the information needed to communicate with prospects & customers most effectively.

  1. Poor collaboration: With many departments such as Sales, Marketing & Customer Service accessing the CRM without the right set up and integrated supporting technologies like Outlook & Microsoft Teams, collaborating across teams and sharing critical information isn’t done effectively providing a poor customer experience.

We take the time to understand the need of each business and their employees especially focusing on process data flow and communication between them. With over 10,000 applications integrating into Dynamics CRM, we tailor the system to allow smooth and efficient sharing of resources, information, and collaboration.

  1. On-premise: Are you trying to gain competitive advantage but your legacy on-premise solution is holding you back? Beyond high maintenance costs, and limited remote access to data, on-premise infrastructure struggles to grow alongside your organisational growth, soon becoming obsolete.

COVID-19 has been a huge catalyst for companies to move to the cloud, with speed being the number 1 priority. Wanting to maintain business continuity and minimise disruption, our fast-track implementation enables customers to seamlessly transition to the cloud in as little as 10 days.

  1. Incorrect implementation: Implementing new technology can be difficult and if the right processes aren’t put in place organisations are at risk of being left with a solution that doesn’t fit their needs.

Many of our customers turned to AlfaPeople following poor project implementations that had left them with an unsuitable solution. AlfaPeople has a vast amount of experience delivering Dynamics 365 solutions and we work to a set process that allows us to meet project milestones and deliverables. This results in projects being delivered on time and within budget but most importantly meeting business requirements and delivering a return on investment.