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Service Maintenance for Dynamics CRM and AX

AlfaPeople AMS (Application Maintenance Framework) is a comprehensive post-go-live service covering both the functional and technical ownership of your Microsoft Dynamics AX or Dynamics CRM solution. AlfaPeople AMS is specifically designed to include everything you need to run a successful operation – from helping an end-user with the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to developing and applying a complex change to your production system. It allows you to focus on driving your business forward whilst we ensure the stability and continuous evolvement of your solution.

The service is delivered by a team of local consultants, who know everything about your local market and industry plus technical experts from a central and specialised support unit. Should you sign-up for AMS, you will be supported by a dedicated team where everybody is specifically trained in your business and your solution.

In order to drive a successful operation, a close partnership must be in place between the support team, the users and the solution owner. AlfaPeople AMS comes with an operation manual, detailing how this is achieved. The manual is based on our many years of experience in running efficient projects like yours – for both big and small organisations.

Key Functionalities

  • Incident management – Helping end-users to overcome obstacles and finish their tasks as quickly as possible. This is not only key to each end-user and task but to the user-adoption in general. We provide someone to help them use the solution.
  • Problem management – Finding the root cause of a recurring incident and proposing a permanent fix.
  • Change requests – Adding or changing the functionality of the solution to either resolve a problem, align the solution with new business requirements or prepare the solution for an upgrade. Our local experts verify that all changes are both functional and technical in line with your business strategy.
  • Service requests – Executing non-changing actions, e.g. imports/exports, monitoring and user administration. We provide a simple way to outsource those time-consuming and/or repeating tasks.
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  • Planned release management – Planning, managing, testing and deploying new versions of the solution as part of a fixed release cycle. This also includes possible upgrades to the platform itself.
  • Unplanned release management – Managing, testing and deploying any unplanned new versions of the system, for example to fix a critical problem.
  • Business development – In business nothing stays the same so it is important to continuously align our operations with yours, ensuring we deliver the most possible value to you.

Benefits by Department

AMS brings a great many number of benefits to your end-users and solution owners, including:

  • A stable service: A dedicated and highly-responsive team, working to suit you.
  • A flexible service: Regardless whether you need help resolving problems, service requests or change requests, you bring the work, and we bring the capabilities and capacity to complete it.
  • A well-defined service: All processes follow best practice to ensure productivity, quality and seamless collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • A functional ownership: Pro-active suggestions as to how to evolve the solution and benefitting from new possibilities within the technology.
  • A proven management model: Easy for any user to operate.
  • An adaptable interface: The ability to be integrated into existing organisations in a variety of ways.

The benefits for improving your company’s IT operations and cost-base include:

  • Predictable cost: The Service includes a variety of mechanisms to ensure agreed budget.
  • A highly-scalable cost structure: We allocate the appropriate amount of resources to support your evolving workload.
  • Freeing up your resources: Focus on identifying and realise business potential, while you outsource the technical details and daily operations to us.
  • A technical ownership: Pro-active suggestions about how to upgrade on an ongoing basis, ensuring a stable and secure platform.
  • A governance framework: Transparency on what we deliver and the value you receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – Is this a replacement for our internal resources that currently support our application?

Not necessarily. We often step in as a supplement to existing resources, ensuring a more stable and scalable throughput. Our experience shows that internal resources often are better utilised looking inside the organisation, identifying new opportunities or unused potential. This allocation can develop the overall solution value in the process, whilst we provided the dedicated technical expertise to implement the new-found features and support day-to-day operations.

Q2 – Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes. The smallest package involves a minimum commitment of 25 hours per month. This is simply to ensure that we have enough pre-approved hours in place, to take action when needed.

Q3 – How do you ensure that the team is knowledgeable about my solution?

If you sign up for AMS there will be a fixed-price transition, during which the dedicated team absorbs knowledge about you, your business and your solution. You may ask, “Will this transition make everyone an expert in your solution?” Probably not, but the transition is carefully metered to create enough knowledge for us to add value and solve your tasks efficiently. We believe it is more sensible to spend a few extra hours on the first few tasks, rather than hearing/reading about every single feature of the application, which might or might not come into play. We consider ourselves experts in both the industry and the standard application and we will quickly become experts in your customisations as well.

Q4 – You keep mentioning a scalable and cost-effective setup – but how?

We operate with a simple model, where together with our customers, we regularly estimate the anticipated resource that could be required in the month(s) ahead, so we can allocate the support needed on both sides. We find that this planning process works very well for our customers and us. Our customers retain financial predictability and we can offer a very competitive price because we have a qualified forecast in place. Should an unexpected peek arise meaning that we need to spend extra hours in one month, we will naturally manage that as well.  We will then work with our customer to identify other months were we can lower the commitment, ensuring that we stay within the overall budget.


AlfaPeople offers AMS for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX in a highly flexible and scalable manner, ensuring it is always aligned with your current needs and remains a highly cost-effective choice.
We offer a variety of support packages that scale to the service’s operating hours, from normal business hours Monday to Friday up to 24 hours, 7 days-a-week, 356 days-a-year. You simply choose the customised option that’s right for your organisation. Your choice comes with full scalability as standard, allowing your commitment to seamlessly scale up or down on a monthly basis, aligned to your immediate needs and workload, and always within budget.

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