With the official release of Dynamics 365 in November 2016, Microsoft took a leap forward covering popular business processes that, up to that point, were only possible through third-party verticalised solutions.

One of those processes is Field Service, which contemplates everything necessary to manage a mobile workforce that delivers products and services at the customer’s location. Among the typical industries with Field Service processes we can list:

  • Telecommunications, wired or wireless;
  • Health, like home care and alike;
  • Engineering and complex manufacturing, where scheduled and preventive maintenance is important;
  • Energy and transmission;
  • Property or installation maintenance.

As a matter of fact, the list is extensive and the number of involved collaborators is also big, since, during the service, most of the times at least one technician is required to handle each incident or work order.

Curiously, this is a market unexplored by the software industry, which only handles it in a fragmented way. According to a Gartner study, the solution reach is about 25%, and this market has a two-digit growth. The most popular solutions are those offered by traditional ERP (SAP, Oracle, IFS) or specialised systems (ClickSoftware).

So what would be the value proposal of Microsoft to this market?

Microsoft’s take – Dynamics 365 Field Service

In July 2016 Microsoft announced the acquisition of FieldOne Systems LLC, a prominent Field Service solution of the “specialised” category. The solution was already wide-reaching, offering work order management, automated scheduling, contracts and assets, inventory and purchase control, workflows and a robust mobile solution. In less than a year, the solution was totally absorbed by the Dynamics 365 platform and the definitive offer was established, fully integrated with the existing Sales, Marketing, Services and Projects modules.

Analysing in terms of functional blocks of Field Service, we can list the main competitive differentials offered by the new Dynamics 365 Field Service:

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Lucas Santacruz-Key Account Manager
Lucas Santacruz
Key Account Manager at AlfaPeople