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With the vast number of exciting and inspirational residential and commercial projects under construction, behind the steel, bricks and mortar and energy-efficient fixtures, people will be the key to their success or failure.  A dynamic eco-system of architects, engineers, builders, developers, land-owners and contractors requires active relationship management, something which AlfaPeople can provide and support real estate clients with.

Creating a history of the relationship from the first contact through to today is the starting place, including customer communications, the business processes involved in the relationship, after-sales care and new business opportunities.  The following components all form part of the ongoing big picture for each client:

  • Customer management potential: Utilising a choice of interaction channels including email, website, chat, and telephone, allows lead to be qualified and the distribution of potential customers to be mapped out;
  • Land Registry (Land Bank): Information about physical land Information, historical purchase and association negotiations are all recorded;
  • Enterprise registration: Allows management by towers, units and status of the project work;
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  • Creates models of real estate contracts dynamically and according to their standards;
  • Record the full history of purchases and the status of licences;
  • Call centre: Appropriate treatment of ‘multi-SLA’, involving resolving areas and satisfaction surveys; and
  • Central inspection and technical assistance: Control specific processes involved with inspections together with any technical assistance related to the property.

Dynamics CRM benefits

  • Create and define customer segments that will be used to better target new and existing customers
  • Define one generic sales and marketing process, with common customer roles and structure
  • Review the Housing Business process Model, form common key process roles, staff functions and the organisation structure and define performance factors
  • Outline the optimum ways to produce housing products, in close cooperation between Housing and Construction functions
  • Create a model for how to continuously track what is good to invest in and what to divest

AMF benefits

  • Benefit from a high level of responsiveness to ensure continuous, full-service attention
  • Rely on a dedicated team and not an individual
  • Let us handle operations, freeing your internal resources to develop your business
  • Technical Ownership ensures your solution is always stable and up-to-date
  • Full flexibility within your commitment ensures you are always in budget

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Dynamics CRM
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