A powerful project management tool
for Professional Services companies

Assistance PSA Suite responds to the needs of small, medium and large organisations looking to build insight into their key business processes and measure their KPIs. This is achieved by having full visibility of resource utilisation, productivity and efficiency. PSA Suite is a packaged solution and it can be used together with your Dynamics CRM Online instance or with your Dynamics CRM On-Premise installation.

PSA Suite includes powerful invoicing functionality, providing control over the billing process and the ability to create multiple invoices for different projects in one operation, when using batch invoicing functionality.

PSA Suite consists of four components:

  • Professional Services Automation (PSA). Project management and resource allocation, sales budgeting and forecasting, time and expense entry and administration, resource management and invoicing
  • Financials: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, E-banking and reporting
  • Human Resources Management: To manage and develop your resources
  • PSA Suite Portal: A Self-service employee portal to provide visibility for resource utilization and to schedule activities.

Benefits for your organisation:

Forecast multiple revenue streams

PSA Suite helps you to understand the source of your current revenue by week or month. You can also forecast expected revenue for fixed-fee, time & materials projects or recurring contracts. Forecasted hours can be updated automatically by Project and Resource Planning.

Manage your project on time and within budget

As a Project Manager you are in control of all project deliverables with visibility of time and budget constraints. You can help your team to be accountable by assigning tasks to individuals or teams. Using the integrated Gantt chart you can easily control deadlines. Assistance Software helps you to allocate resources efficiently, so you do not incur unexpected costs.

Resource management functionality

When managing a team it is always challenging to remember what activities each team member is working on. Project Planning provides you with a group calendar, a project plan and a sales forecast to allocate your resources in the most efficient way. PSA provides you with a resource map which you can use to assess if you are under-utilising or over-allocating your resources.

Time management functionality

As team members carry out various activities during the day, PSA provides your team with four different options to enter the time they spend on a project. Whether you are visiting customers or you are office-based, you can choose from the Time Entry App, mobile and tablet device or desktop access to enter information into a Timesheet. If you have repetitive tasks, there is no need to start all over again, Timesheet Grid allows you to select repetitive tasks. The time spent can be registered in hours or minutes as required.

Expense management functionality

As each project unfolds, teams will incur expenses that you need to manage, supervise and approve. PSA Suite helps you to control and manage your expenses, fees and equipment costs. You can also estimate daily allowances ensuring your teams do not overspend. With the Expense Grid functionality you can edit, add or assign expenses to different projects.

Financial management functionality

On a project record you will have instant and detailed access to your budget, forecast and actuals per project. You will have a complete financial overview using the available dashboards. PSA Suite supports many contract types within one project, from fixed fee to time and materials to recurring costs to product fees. With the Revenue Recognition module, automatic snapshots will be created to give you visibility of actuals and completion.

Invoice control

It’s simple to use the Batch invoicing functionality to create one or several invoices for multiple invoices. PSA Suite supports the following invoicing types:

  • Time and materials based on hourly and/or daily rates
  • Fixed fee based on completion, installments and milestone billing
  • Recurring or recurring products for subscriptions
  • Equipment, products, fees and other expenses

Top five product benefits

  • Increase the efficiency of your project managers by allowing them to manage all aspects of their projects in a single system
  • Improve collaboration between project managers and team members by using project item activities to assign tasks, record time spent on tasks and report completed tasks
  • Improve how you utilize resources and streamlining resource allocation thanks to improved visibility of historic and planned allocations
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  • Improve budgeting, forecasting and project profitability analysis by capturing budget, cost and forecast data for all projects including fixed-fee projects, time and material endeavors and recurring-fee contracts
  • Make sure that clients are billed on time by creating invoices through batch invoicing functionality.

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