Dynamics 365 Sales – Leading as Sales Force Automation Solution
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Sep 06, 2017

Dynamics 365 Sales – Leading as Sales Force Automation Solution

In this new Microsoft fiscal year, Dynamics 365 Sales begins as a leader according to the new Forrester Wave report in: Sales Force Automation Solution. This demonstrates how the buyer-seller relationship has changed today and how the buyer is increasingly empowered by its decision to purchase with information at its disposal, which makes the level of demand generates in companies a greater commitment to care, quality, and added value.

That’s why SFA providers were forced to innovate their solutions to meet the needs of the market, offering suitable solutions for companies with complex needs. This is how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is characterized as the leader in the sales solutions ecosystem.

Forrester points out in its report,

“Microsoft is building its smart offerings and unifying its SFA solution with its larger portfolio. The transition to Dynamics 365 brought a greater emphasis on the seller productivity, with deep integrations into Office 365 and Outlook. Offers very robust analytical capabilities, including its automated learning and its AI offerings, as well as Power BI.”

It is at this point that we see Microsoft focused on helping companies to transform their sales teams in order to satisfy the customer. With the highest score in the “current offer” category, combined with the highest possible score in the product vision criterion, Microsoft continues to consolidate itself.

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn will change and empower sales representatives to be more productive, and their native integration between Outlook, Dynamics 365 and Sales Navigator (LinkedIn) will make it difficult to purchase another CRM system, since none so far competes with this new Microsoft value proposition.

About Dynamics 365 Sales

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App offers complete and intuitive solutions that help sales professionals be more productive and focus on what’s important – providing their clients with incredible experiences.

This complete and powerful solution has all of the necessary tools and insights to help sales teams plan and sell more effectively, focus on their goals and build positive relationships with their customers.

Dynamics 365 Sales App has the methodologies to coordinate sales activities and a consistent framework for autonomous business process and procedure definition and tweaking. Your entire team can follow the practices that you define: qualify, develop, negotiate and convert.

The Dynamics 365 platform is flexible. It enables clients, suppliers and partners to be grouped together and adds value to day-to-day sales operations with the creation of different views, fields, workflows, business processes and forms.