Craig Mitchell Featured Among Industry Leading ITSM Influencers
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Oct 16, 2017

Craig Mitchell Featured Among Industry Leading ITSM Influencers

There is much debate about the relevance of ITIL in the world of today’s technology. But Craig Mitchell, our resident ITIL guru firmly believes that ITIL isn’t going anywhere yet.

Craig’s article The Times they are a changin’… but ITIL lives on outlines this very view, suggesting that rather than replacing ITIL, we need to think about adapting ITIL to modern IT environments. We’re pleased to share that this article has now been published as a guest blog on the ITSM influencer site, This is an excellent achievement for the AlfaPeople ITSM team and testimony to our team’s reputation as leaders in the industry. Read the article.

About is an ITSM-focused website offering independent industry analysis and content ranging from ITSM tool reviews, blogs, and industry news, to ITSM tips and best practices. AlfaPeople is even lucky enough to have has Provance ITSM reviewed by – our partner ITSM solution. Read technical solution overview here.

Get started on your ITIL Journey with Craig

When he’s not writing industry leading articles and being featured on blogs, Craig leads three ITIL kickstarter services designed to set organisations on a track for successful IT Service Management practice.

  • ITIL Awareness Training

The ITIL Awareness Training aims to provide your IT service and support teams with a common understanding of the ITIL processes that are relevant to your organisation, in as short a time as possible. Learn More

  • ITIL Maturity Assessment

Based on the Capability Maturity Model Integration methodology, the ITIL maturity assessment will provide a baseline of the organisations process maturity and inform the organisation of the missing attributes in their existing IT process framework. Learn More

  • ITIL Process Reengineering

Craig will guide you through process development, advising on alignment to ITIL best practice, whilst always being mindful of the challenges and constraints faced by your IT team. Learn More