Chile: Direct Connection To The Microsoft Cloud
AlfaPeople |
Oct 04, 2017

Chile: Direct Connection To The Microsoft Cloud

Last September, the Microsoft Innovation Summit 2017 was held with partners and clients, convened around digital transformation and the fourth revolution.

In the context of the 25th anniversary in the country, Microsoft has communicated great news for Chile: it enabled a direct and optimized connection to the global infrastructure in its cloud, the largest and most innovative in the world, which helped accelerate multiple cloud services in various industries, including Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Xbox Live. This connection implies better performance, faster speed, lower latency and greater capacity for Microsoft services.

In the words of Sergio Rademacher, General Manager of Microsoft Chile:

“In these 25 years, Microsoft has been dedicated to investing in the country on a sustained basis. In addition to the contribution we have made to bring people closer to technology, we are strengthening our ecosystem of partners, which today provide increasingly Chilean, and has taken the digital transformation to all the companies and consumers who are users of its products and services.”

Cristián Diaz, Commercial Director of AlfaPeople emphasizes that:

With this Microsoft initiative we will be able to better support our customers, seeking to strengthen digital transformation and improve connectivity in Chile through a faster and more reliable connection to Microsoft’s global network.

This access will improve the performance of existing Microsoft services AlfaPeople implements on its customers, substantially benefiting its operations, improving its relationship with its customers, increasing its productivity and collaborating in a digital world.

“This new connection will help accelerate multiple services, including Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, among many others. With this work, it will contribute to improving national connectivity, expanding the borders to a global world, which will mean greater productivity for the country,” said Diaz.

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