AlfaPeople Nordic and Sitecore enters partnership
AlfaPeople |
Jan 13, 2016

AlfaPeople Nordic and Sitecore enters partnership

Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 empowers retailers to drive and develop their omni-channel businesses. AlfaPeople can announce that it has entered a partnership with Sitecore for the integration component of the Sitecore CMS platform – Sitecore Commerce 8 powered by Dynamics integration – with Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 – Retail.

AlfaPeople views Sitecore as one of the leading vendors for customer experience management. This combined with a native integration for e-Commerce into Microsoft, empowers retailers to meet future challenges in a cost-efficient way.

Sitecore Commerce 8, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, changes the way order processing is executed, from a silo-based utilising the ERP engine to manage order processing and loyalty calculation. The native integration enables the customers to buy and redeem loyalty points, gift cards and vouchers across channels, and allows the retailer to setup and use the same programs at the point of sales and in the online world.

In the modern world of retailing, customers do not distinguish between the different channels the retailer has to offer, but expect the same level of service and recognition in both the physical and the online worlds.