AlfaPeople: Committed to Child Education
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Mar 27, 2018

AlfaPeople: Committed to Child Education

On this past 9th of March, AlfaPeople and Protab visited Fundación Mi Casa to provide girls and boys with back-to-school educational kits. During an afternoon filled with games, parent interaction and lots of candy, we handed out 54 kits: 36 packs for 1st to 4th grade and 18 packs for 5th to 8th grade.

This surprise was greeted with relief by parents and children alike, because it represented a small financial boost right before the start of the school year, a period that is full of expenses. In addition, the new notebooks, school paints and blocks of colored paper inspired the students to try their hardest during this year. We collected all of these commitments on a wish tree at the end of the day.

Fundación Mi Casa was founded by Father Alfredo Ruiz-Tagle Jiménez in 1947. The foundation’s mission is to contribute towards the promotion, protection and restitution of the fundamental rights of children and teens through the empowerment of them and their families in order for them to be recognized as subjects of law, allowing them to actively build towards their future by helping them develop the skills and competencies they will need to repair the infringement of their rights. It was recognized as a SENAME (National Minors Service) collaborating organization on July 17th, 1967, making it one of the largest and oldest of said organizations in the country. Nowadays, their work is not only done through halfway houses, but also through several reparation and ambulatory programs. Their mission is to restore the violated rights of children and teens throughout the entire country.

CENIM Mi Casa – Peñalolén Macul is an Intervention Center Specializing in Underage Sexual Abuse and Mistreatment within the context of domestic violence, with said cases constituting criminal behavior. The center works on reassessing serious infringement experiences with children, teens and their legal guardians.

We continue with our commitment to Chile’s children, contributing towards their development and happiness. We’re counting on all of you for our upcoming activities. For more information on Fundación Mi Casa, please click on the following link.