AlfaPeople Brazil surprises employees in holiday party
AlfaPeople |
Jan 03, 2017

AlfaPeople Brazil surprises employees in holiday party

As usual, AlfaPeople seeks corporate activities that try to renew the enthusiasm and promote a greater rapport between its employees – and 2016 wasn’t different. AlfaPeople organized an out of the ordinary end-of-year party: our team could sing out loud, showing its musical talents while enjoying an indoor skydiving simulator.

The celebration took place at iFly, a place that’s venerated by radical sports lovers for its indoor flight offer – the flights take place at a super tunnel, where is possible to have the experience of a free fall while fluctuating above the air, all that on solid ground.

To the night’s prestige, the show started with a performance from Elvis Presley Cover with the single “Tutti Frutti”, followed by the parachute simulator flights while the funny musical competition was carried by an amusing group of judges on costumes. The event’s end was carried by the bands NEXB and Quintal da Gouveia, both formed by the very employees of AlfaPeople Brazil.

Besides those attractions, the directors discussed their proposals and expectations for 2017, taking into account the company’s perspectives regarding the controversial economic situation the country is in, and how the whole company involvement can influence in an innovative and positive way the current context, so that we can go through this situation in an assertive way.

In yet another year AlfaPeople was able to surprise with its end-of-year celebration, proving it is possible to create an environment of true interaction between all employees in a way that is both daring and relaxed.