Microsoft Social Engagement is a social interaction tool for both companies and individuals who are interested in intelligent interaction with their users, customers, or critics on social media. But why is intelligent interaction on social media important?

There can be many reasons, but the short answer is: Because your target group is there! If we look at Denmark, 2.8 million people or approximately 50% of the entire Danish population is connected to social media – this alone should be reason enough.

Today’s blog post will focus on what exactly Microsoft Social Engagement is, and not on how you use it or what functions are available from a business or technical point of view. You can discover more about the source limitations here.

What is Microsoft Social Engagement?

Microsoft Social Engagement is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product and is Microsoft’s platform for surveillance and interaction on social media. In particular, you will be able to follow, collect, document, analyse, and interact with your customers directly in Microsoft Social Engagement. You can intercept and interact with the public at large or with influencers about e.g. your product or services, or directly take part in the public debate concerning branch-specific subjects. Microsoft Social Engagement is also capable of automatically tracing the tone (positive, negative, or neutral) in a particular debate, in your own language. Consequently, the range of uses for social media is (almost) unlimited.

Separate from or integrated into Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Social Engagement can be used as a separate product or in connection with Microsoft CRM via fully fledged integration. When the system is used separately, messages and alarms are sent to certain people, and when it is used in connection to Microsoft CRM, leads and cases can be transferred directly to CRM, to be used with the effective, built-in work process programme.

Overall, Microsoft Social Engagement is a very interesting and underutilised tool in connection with Microsoft CRM. However, if you choose to adopt this solution, I believe it will give you and your company a profound insight into your customers (incl. critique) and generate a lot of value through a more proactive approach to social media.

Allan Pihl Pedersen - Senior Business Consultant

Allan Pihl Pedersen

Senior Business Consultant