Connect Quickly and Effectively with Central Government and Control Other State Entities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government

For government-owned companies, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates CRM and ERP systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 adapts to the technological advances that manufacturers require to transform customer service, which include complying with changes in regulations, public administration, and management of budget items. This allows an overall perspective of data and turns it into smart actions.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government ?

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 complies with all the stages and elements needed for the correct administration of resources, which carries out objectives outlined in the plans of economic and social development within a given period.
  • It’s a solution with great integration capabilities that allow quick and effective connections with other solutions available to the central government, control entities and other state entities.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows state companies to improve their processes, optimize the execution of their own resources and resources assigned by the state for the execution of projects with an economic, political or social impact.
  • This solution integrates natively with the entire portfolio of Microsoft products installed in the entity, such as collaboration solutions, operating systems, databases and BI tools.

AlfaPeople Value Proposition

AlfaPeople, based on the Microsoft product portfolio and its outstanding trajectory in the implementation of large public companies worldwide, developed solutions to serve public sector entities. We work through joint and systematic functionalities that provide the entity with a fiscal balance through the correct administration of public revenues and expenditures during the fiscal year.

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Simplify Operations at Every Level
with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government

Financial Director

The solution allows control of the budget chain of expenditures, and always identifies (CDP, RP, Obligation and Payment) the amounts executed vs. the general accounting.

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Purchasing Director

Improve operational efficiency throughout the operation cycle stemming from Purchase Planning, through budget control, the logistics process and financial and accounting control. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows the analysis of profitability for each of the financial dimensions defined.

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Director of Operations

Within the budget process it is possible to carry out the planning of future periods, budget reserves, accounts payable and Annual cash plan. It also includes independent periods to allow single closings and control of the execution.

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“Thanks to AlfaPeople during this process we felt very supported. This was due to the fact that they understood very well the needs of our organization and managed the integration of processes between the different areas efficiently.”

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Hilda Cristina Álzate

Hilda Cristina Álzate

Operations VP