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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

From traditional accounting to financial and tax features, production control, supplies, invoicing and HR, the Operations App handles back-office processes, complementing the marketing, sales, and services customer support features in the front office of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Designed to handle administrative and operational requirements, this Dynamics 365 App offers a wide set of pre-built features for numerous industries, including the manufacturing, distribution, retail, services and public sectors. Its technology allows it to be verticalized by AlfaPeople through the creation of functionalities and business rules specifically for certain industries and/operations.

Microsoft handles the product localization for tens of countries, especially Brazil, that despite its taxing and fiscal complexities, is handled at a federal level, and also state and municipal, for the most part. Multiple currencies, time zones, languages, and locations provide you with the global coverage that you require.

This Dynamics 365 App is a powerful business software tool, ready to increase the productive capacity of your employees and provide ‘insights’ that help you make the very best decisions. It is the heart of Dynamics 365 for Operations, a cloud solution based on the latest technologies for employees and customers.

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  • Flexible business unities modeling , allowing you to easily manage your diverse physical business locations, fiscal structure and corporative reports.
  • Definition of functional profiles customised for your report and processes hierarchy.
  • Graphical representation of business flows, policies and limits – and the possibility of personalizing these flows, policies, and limits to different parts of the organization, with no need for coding. For example, as a business analyst, you have the ability to configure different approval rules for sales orders or different fiscal rules, using the graphical workflow designer, with no need for coding.
  • Unlimited financial dimensions that enable categorising and analysing transactions in multiple axes to take place.
  • Controlled dates for data and models directly on the platform, with security control over the definition of organizational structures, hierarchies, processes and policies that enable reporting to happen before and after eventual organizational changes.
  • Support of various hierarchies – for example, one based on HR and another based on legal aspects, with the possibility of designating a hierarchy for an approval process and another for a managerial process, with no need for coding.
New Developer Features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

New Developer Features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

With the release of the new version of Dynamics AX ERP or Dynamics 365 for Operations, there is a radical change regarding the architecture of the product, migrating its infrastructure and most features and properties to cloud-based services.

Discover characteristics of development in Dynamics 365 for Operations and management according to the new standards of development.


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