Improve the Traceability of Your Entire Business Process with a Single and Intuitive Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education

The world of education could reap enormous benefits from Dynamics 365, as it would allow you to integrate and improve the traceability of your entire business process, starting with dissemination, application, admission and ending with student management, all from a single, intuitive platform. Dynamics 365 allows you to integrate the different roles that weigh-in on the decision-making process behind new students, simplifying things to a single point of interest: enrollment.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Education?

  • Control your communications process from start to finish – Control the performance of your telemarketing and events team with goals and a dashboard (Power BI) to connect all future students and lead them to become interested in enrollment through phone call records, emails, visits, application forms, etc.
  • Centralized information – Cross-reference student information in CRM with payment information in ERP. Monitor student performance during their university career and make sure they are profitable once they graduate.
  • Get the most out of your database – Send out mass emailing campaigns through CRM to your database, segmented by program, skills, grades, campaign, event, etc. Differentiate your communications for your different audiences: schools for pre-graduate programs or recent graduates/companies for post-graduate studies.
  • Tend to your students’ needs – Offer students a self-help portal to enroll or see their grades. Manage their student lifecycle from CRM; keep them up to date and do not lose contact with them. Create a database of companies and offer real opportunities to improve the employability of your students and help them enter the business world.

AlfaPeople Value Proposition

At AlfaPeople, we propose customizations for our customers from the Educational sector that are tailor-made to their Sales, Marketing and Student Management processes. With a centric client view, you can manage all the student journey and keep that relation furthermore. Technology must be your ally to reach success.

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Simplify Operations at Every Level
with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education

Marketing Manager

Successfully manage the lifecycle of future students, from the moment they show interest in college until they enroll in a pre-graduate program as students. Compile data from marketing campaigns, events, school visits, web-based applications, etc. Offer accurate information that fits their educational interests, and then, once they have enrolled, enhance their bond with the university through ongoing education and post-graduate programs.

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Finance Manager

You can make revenue projections by following the enrollment trends of each program. Likewise, as it is integrated into ERP, you can keep control of the financial statements for the students and the university. You can also manage the payroll for professors and employees.

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General Manager

By using application information, you can view which programs are preferred by the future students and assess whether it is convenient to open up new programs demanded by the market and which are not currently imparted by the faculty. Along these same lines, you can also evaluate if it is worth closing down programs that have not raised much interest over the years.

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Admissions Manager

Offer vocational counseling according to grade records, career options, and aptitude test results. Monitor each student’s performance to apply predictive analysis to the probability of dropping out depending on grades and class attendance, allowing you to take appropriate proactive action.

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