It’s hard to miss Tammy when he walks through the door each morning. Dressed so well that Ted Baker would high-five him on the street for sartorial flair, Tammy brings an attitude to AlfaPeople that illuminates the office. This is an energy which Tammy brings to each and every customer interaction he has as AlfaPeople UK’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pre-Sales Specialist. Tammy works with customers to demonstrate the best Microsoft solutions to fit their business needs.

Always a source of smiles for customers and colleagues alike, we decided to sit down with the infamous and popular Tammy Briggs, to see why he loves being part of the AlfaPeople team. He gave us four reasons.

1. The Element of Surprise

“Every day is unpredictable. But this a good thing as it often keeps things exciting. No two days or two customers are the same. Sure, this brings challenges but for every challenge we overcome there is a great feeling of success. There is nothing better than working through a business problem and solving it with a great digital transformation solution.

I’m also in a customer facing role which means I get to travel a lot. I’m always on the road, out to meet clients and prospects both locally and abroad. One day I’m in London, the next I’m in Germany.”

2. Flexible Working Hours

“The second reason on why I love working here would have to be the flexible working hours. I love that I can choose where I want to work and when. We all do what we need to do to get the job done.

Since we’re all really hard workers but also have lives outside of the office, it works well for us. Not many employers do that so we’re really lucky in that respect.”

3. Events and Awards

“The quarterly events and awards are awesome. There is never a dull moment when the team gets together for bonding activities.

Team events remind us that when we come together in spirit we can achieve greatness. There’s no I in team, but there are two in winning – and winning is something we accomplish and celebrate together.”

4. A Friendly Team Environment

“Last but not least, we have a friendly team environment. My colleagues all act as one big family. Everyone here at AlfaPeople are experts at what they do. But we are genuinely here to help each other out and share knowledge – so we can all be the best that we can be.

No matter what time of day or the place, if you need a helping hand, someone will be there for you.”

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