Life at AlfaPeople
Rogéria Melino
CRM Business Consultant

I’ve been working at AlfaPeople for ten years, implementing Microsoft Dynamics in customers of all sizes and market segments, and they all have in common the need for a CRM solution to support their commercial and marketing processes, creating specific systems through Dynamics entity and form modelling.

I work with gap analysis, where we map existent gaps at the customer – so we can propose solutions with the implementation of Dynamics.

I also work, whenever I can, with Dynamics CRM training, which is a pleasure to me.

Excellent work environment

The company works harmonically as a whole. Managers always have an open door for us to discuss any matter we have in our heads.

The environment is not unlike that of a family, where everyone is safe to ask for help and speak their minds without fear.

“Be always transparent”.

Team cooperation

Relationships were naturally created in our team through a fast channel where doubts can be shared. Whoever has information that may help is able to respond in this channel.

“The company has a true spirit of teamwork”.

Opportunity of professional growth

AlfaPeople is always providing training to its professionals with the latest technologies.

Everyone that seeks professional growth can be with a more experienced professional in a subject to learn more about it.

Directed Coach

Through an individual Checkpoint is possible to identify weak and strong points of each resource, allowing the individual to seek additional training, through courses or even project participation. Coach works through the Checkpoint or even with the professional own designation.


All for one and one for all. This is a motto we respect in this company. If someone has a problem, be it personal or professional, the team is always up to help and collaborate. The same can be said about management, that unites and motivates the team regularly, especially when there’s a problem in the project.

Recently we faced two really sad situations, that mobilized the management and most of the team –to support the families of employees that had to through these tragedies, proving that above all we have a great friendship.

Rogeria Melino-CRM Business Consultant
Rogéria Melino
CRM Business Consultant at AlfaPeople