What is Project Oakdale?

  1. A low-code platform to build the Power Apps for Microsoft Teams.
  2. It provides relational data storage and supports rich data types.

Additionally, Microsoft also announced that Common Data Service has now been renamed to Project Oakdale.

Is it a new service?

Project Oakdale is CDS, just with some of the enterprise features reserved for Pro. In simple words, a true relational database inside of Microsoft Teams.

How Project Oakdale will help our Customers?

  1. The user can build/deploy/share multiple Power Apps solutions, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents(bots) within the Microsoft Teams.
  2. The user can access the multiple business apps directly from the MS Teams without navigating anywhere.
  3. The organisation can automate team’s policy process with Power Automate and Office 365.

Other advantages

  1. Project Oakdale will be included at no additional cost in most Teams licenses.
  2. Relational DB with unlimited tables with rich data types.
  3. New controls built on the Microsoft Fluent framework, an auto-generated app templates that are fully responsive to help apps feel like they belong across Teams Web, Desktop and Mobile.
  4. Pre-made templates that are purpose built for Teams, for common scenarios like Asset Inspection, Floor Walk, Employee Ideas, and more.

When it will be available to the end-user?

No confirmed date provided by Microsoft but somewhere around mid-August.


  1. The company is planning an event within the organisation. So, they can plan the Itinerary directly from the Microsoft Teams App (Excel-like interface).
    Everything you need to know about Microsoft Project Oakdale
  1. The employee wants to know the public holidays of the Organisation.
    Everything you need to know about Microsoft Project Oakdale
  1. Pre-made Templates.
    Everything you need to know about Microsoft Project Oakdale

If you would like to learn more about how Project Oakdale can be a fit for you and your organisation – please get in touch.