Digital Transformation and the Modern IT Team – Morning

Whilst much mentioned in terms of shaping various departments – including Finance, Field Service and Sales – what does ‘digital transformation’ really mean for IT teams juggling caseloads, change requests and customer issues, while still delivering their own IT needs?

Taking place in the Big Ben Meeting Room of Microsoft’s Paddington offices, on Friday 6th October, this short workshop aims to answer that question, by show how digital transformation and cloud-based technology can enhance the day-to-day work of IT teams, as well as the wider organisation they belong to.

Attendees will hear case studies on improving delivery at service delivery organisations, including at Frontline IT Consultancy and Ultima Business Solutions.


  • Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst & Content Director at ITSM-focused industry analysts
  • Raj Pandya, Lead Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant
  • Craig Mitchell, Senior ITSM Consultant, both from Microsoft Dynamics Solution experts AlfaPeople

Note: This workshop is being run twice on the same day – from 10 am and again at 1 pm. Brunch/afternoon tea will be provided.


  1. The significance of digital transformation and Cloud
  2. Presented by Kate Walker – Sales Director at AlfaPeople
    Kate will talk about the key elements of digital transformation and Microsoft’s emphasis on the Cloud – why it is important and relevant.

  3. Modern Service Management
  4. Presented by Stephen Manning (
    Stephen will talk about what Modern Service Management within digital transformation is and essentially, what makes it modern. This will be followed round table discussion on business pains and needs.

Break for brunch / afternoon tea

  1. Case stories – Improving delivery in service delivery organisations
  2. Presented by Raj Pandya and Kate Walker (AlfaPeople)
    Raj will run through some case studies of projects he has completed – what we did, why we did it, how it impacted businesses.

  3. Starting your journey – ITIL Services
  4. Presented by Craig Mitchell
    Craig will run through some of the ITIL Kickstarter services offered by AlfaPeople and talk about how businesses can derive value from bringing their IT teams up to speed with ITIL.

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