Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Fueling excellence in ERP in your back
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Dynamics AX Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly Dynamics AX) is a market-leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that gives your business a powerful set of back office tools for greater productivity and profitability. Among its key benefits as an ERP solution, D365 for Finance and Operations integrates your daily activities and consolidate your data into one common, intelligent and secure database, while also providing state-of-the-art reporting and forecasting tools.

Modernizing your back-office operations

Dynamics 365 for F&O is Microsoft’s ERP technology for excellence in salesmanufacturing, human resources, services, purchases, inventory, and more. ERP is an unrivalled, comprehensive set of systems and strategies for businesses wanting greater control and better insight into their financials and daily processes.

Boost performance

Microsoft’s ERP is a fully integrated system that gives you full visibility over your processes and data. Dynamics 365’s ERP features help you to intelligently pool your data into one common database to streamline your business operations and reporting practices. Importantly, Microsoft’s ERP is customisable, meaning you can scale up or scale down, and even integrate applications or entire systems like Microsoft CRM. If your business is running a cloud-based operation, your ERP technology gives you the mobility and flexibility to operate wherever and whenever you need it. On premise, you’ll slash the need for multiple systems and complex training programs for employees, to focus your recourses where they should be, under the umbrella of one predictive and unified system.

Enhance productivity

As Microsoft’s ERP technology cleans up your data, eliminating redundant processes in its path, you’ll gain access to a world of automated features and cross-departmental organisational benefits. When data is centralised, your teams work collaboratively around a common set of information and goals, fueling greater precision in decision making and task actioning. A professional ERP like Microsoft’s streamlines your processes, encourages staff collaboration, and improves forecasting and reporting.

Drive profitability

Choosing an ERP is a smart commercial decision that can quickly deliver greater profitability for your business. On the one hand, you’ll cut costs by unifying IT systems around a common technology instead of spending money on licenses, training and support for multiple systems. On the other, you’ll optimise your business’ operations to encourage proactive work flows and eliminate disruptions caused by data silos or contradictory business processes. You’ll also have the self-awareness (and reporting and presentation tools) to engage more rewardingly with customers and third parties.

Operate securely

Security is fundamental to the success of businesses in the digital era. Now more than even, you need technology supported by broader systems of data protection and overall system security. ERP technology allows managers or IT staff to customise internal access to data. And since it’s centralised, you won’t have to worry about conflicting data or uncontrolled, unmonitored data silos. You’ll also enjoy the safety of the Cloud – Microsoft’s Cloud servers are protected by state-of-the-art security operations, meaning you get built-in security with your ERP.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft’s ERP for Finance and Operations gives businesses across industries the tools to develop a complete and dynamic viewpoint over their projects, supply chains and financials. To help you evolve into an active, rather than reactive business, this market-leading Microsoft ERP is a customisable, integrated system that drives change even in the most stubborn areas of your business by deploying state-of-the-art tools like Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. Secure greater productivity and profitability for your business, today!

Dynamics 365 for Retail

When it comes to Retail for the future, businesses are increasingly dependent on mobility and brand renown. And only fully integrated, Dynamics ERP for Retail can help drive your organisation to success in the digital era. By expanding your retail business across multiple integrated channels, pooling customer and purchase data into a common database, and automating key components of your daily activities, Microsoft’s ERP for Retail personalises the shopping experience to ensure the quality of your services and infrastructure are on par with the quality of your products. Stay relevant in retail with Microsoft’s ERP for Retail!

Project Service Automation

For project delivery that meets your time and budgetary demands, look no further than the Microsoft’s ERP for Project Service Automation. With real-time insight into resourcing, connectivity between project teams and customers, and full integration with existing resources like Office 365, this Microsoft ERP is a single-system approach to driving bigger and better projects. No matter what the industry, discover how the Microsoft’s ERP for Project Service Automation can help you!

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