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Today’s digital world is becoming increasingly connected and the way customers engage with brands has changed. In an era of product and service commoditisation, companies see customer engagement and experience as levers to achieve competitive differentiation.

Customer service is integral to offering a unique and consistent experience. It also lies at the centre of providing customised and contextual interactions across service journeys in any device and channel, including field service, as well as generating company results and customer loyalty.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Services App offers a complete set of features for self-service and assisted service. With industry-leading technologies, such as machine learning, IoT and analytics, it has the amplitude and level of detail that companies need to effectively deal with the growing challenges of customer service.

The app guarantees everybody working in your customer service department follows the same procedure, so when an incident is created, your customer service team can prioritise it and take action.

Benefits of the service module include:

  • Manage incidents in different ways when delegating, escalating or assigning them and prioritise important customers
  • Assign incidents to a team or person
  • Automatically create incidents when a customer email is received
  • When an email is sent to a specific address, Dynamics 365 creates the incident automatically
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  • Create different email boxes for different requisitions
  • Identify opportunities and leads for sales
  • Improve efficiency by using pre-defined articles from the knowledge base. You can also choose to share them with customers
  • Keep all of your records all together in one place, so that when a new employee joins your company, your entire internal communications history is available for them to easily refer to
  • Easily update incidents and adapt them to specific requirements
  • Add required fields for the service team to complete
  • Visualise service steps to make monitoring and operation easier
  • Generate and collate powerful and meaningful customer feedback to increase engagement

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Besides the main process of opening and managing incidents, the Dynamic 365 Customer Service App has features that amplify the service experience.

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Voice of the Customer

A powerful tool for building and sending surveys to customers. With an intuitive interface, employees can drag and drop questions in a variety of pre-defined formats, accelerating survey construction and visualisation before the execution in the process. When a survey is finished, the answers are stored in the customer record within Dynamics 365. Rules relating to the questions can generate automatic monitoring actions. You can also monitor sentiment and gather feedback from your customers about your products and services in smartphones, tablets, and computers, during sales or following the resolution of an incident.

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Interactive Service Hub

This new panel, designed for customer service agents, consolidates multiple service journeys. Users can view their workload, analyse pending issues and take action in a planned manner. Besides Views and Queues (for example, My Activities, My Incidents and Incidents from Queues I’m In), the data is also available to agents as interactive charts, with metrics related to incident nature, allowing detailed information to be drilled down to a single record. Another component of this management panel is its timeline, which provides a simple and practical way to view a list of events in a chronological fashion. Use it to organise details, including interactions between clients and the company, the channel that was used and the agreed actions and outcomes.

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Knowledge Base

Provides users with a single source of knowledge. With a simple and effective content editor, teams can build, approve and update knowledge articles that the entire company can use. With the curating system, people who are responsible for the knowledge inside the company approve and reject content, allowing only the best content to be available for customers and employees. Articles can be shared with customers through the self-service portal and ranked according to their effectiveness and usage.

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Universal Customer Service Agent

The Universal Customer Service Agent or Unified Service Desk (USD) is at the centre of modern customer service, offering companies and agents, during the service and in a single screen, access to legacy systems, third party applications and control of multichannel interactions. The feature of scripts guides customer service agents through the selected process, opening screens in a contextualised manner and in the right sequence. Thanks to its multiple session features, agents can be more productive and answer to multiple clients simultaneously, without losing control over the initiated processes, even if they are started in different channels.

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