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Jun 10, 2022


Dynamics AX

We found AlfaPeople to be the provider we could trust. Their consultants attended various meetings to properly understand Permoda´s daily activities and provide us with the greatest scope for us to gain full control over our global operations.

Josu Serpa – Engineer at Permoda

Business Needs

Permoda has established itself as an international company that specializes in creating unique garments inspired by the personality and lifestyle of a large group of people from the most active and dynamic cities in the world. In this intense quest to make fashion a culture, Permoda has created a powerful brand, with more than 250 stores, that today dress people from various countries of the world: KOAJ one of the most desired brands by thousands of people who have understood that dressing well is a true attitude of life.

Permoda is a company that knows exactly where fashion is born, and this is interpreted in an original way, developing products of international quality with an excellent look and a fair price. KOAJ offers all its customers an integral offer, fulfilling the promise of dressing them well and from head to toe, which has allowed them to impose themselves in the market as an excellent alternative, through innovative marketing channels, cutting-edge technology in all their processes and a committed and highly qualified human team at the level of the best fashion chains in the world.

With the great growth of the KOAJ brand at an international level, the need to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, capable of supporting large volumes of data, efficiently managing operations through the value chain in time, was raised. Real, comply with the legal and fiscal regulations of the countries and integrate other business solutions.


Microsoft Dynamics AX with the support of AlfaPeople

“When we started our search for effective tools, after reviewing several market options, we decided to acquire Microsoft Dynamics AX, as it is a solution recognized worldwide and supported by the largest software manufacturer in the world. We contacted several suppliers and we gave them a questionnaire related to our needs. AlfaPeople was the provider that gave us the highest confidence, they were interested in knowing the core of our business, they attended various meetings to get into the daily life of Permoda in order to be able to provide us with the greater scope solution to allow us a global control over our operations, they showed us the specialized vertical solution for the fashion and textile sector.” says Josu Serpa, IT Director of Permoda.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the only software application for integrated business management, focused on companies which seek for quick access to their business information. This is a solution that eliminates the need for separate installations and the complicated integration of several modules. With Porini and its vertical solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, with the integration with Microsoft, Fashion & Textiles for Microsoft, Dynamics AX achieved a complete vision of the business, streamlined response times, and obtained optimal results, good growth level, and excellent interaction with customers.


Specialized vertical fashion and textile

Microsoft Dynamics AX supports all the business processes in a broad and efficient way, in this case by covering the specific processes of the textile and clothing industry (specialized vertical fashion and textile with Porini) through specialized solutions that optimize and facilitate the interaction of users with the system.


Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the client with the source code, which makes it easier to carry out customizations and integrations with other systems, through the different layers provided for that purpose, without affecting the internal layer or core of the application pertaining to the Microsoft platform.

Satisfied implementation

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics AX and its vertical specialized in the textile sector Porini, and AlfaPeople´s implementation, Permoda fulfills its expectations, since the solution positively supports all areas of the company in processes that strengthen their response capacity related to the business requirements.