Jun 10, 2022


Microsoft Dynamics 365

“With Dynamics 365 we have full visibility of the entire process from the moment a prospective franchisee begins their engagement with us until the time he or she becomes a franchisee and begins operating within our structure.”

Tiago Berno, General Manager of Technology & Innovation at Multicoisas

Business Needs

Considered the largest Brazilian retail network in Latin America, Multicoisas has 208 stores in 22 states across Brazil specializing in home improvement products and services. The company’s Technology & Innovation and Business teams provide support for technical and business issues. Previously, it operated its case management via email. “So much information was lost along the way or was forgotten”, says Tiago Berno, General Manager of Technology & Innovation at Multicoisas.

The company has adopted the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business application platform to unify all franchise support and service and all systems and processes. Case volume and complexity are significant issues across many areas of Multicoisas’s business. “Now, essentially all business operations are circulating within our Dynamics 365 system”, explains Berno. “We have about 5,000 cases per month.”


AlfaPeople implemented Dynamics 365 across a 45-day period. The deployment model caught the attention of Multicoisas. “We wanted something simple, which could address and optimize all our processes,” says Berno.

The first phase of deployment is now complete. Multicoisas will now start the second phase, which consists of the launch of the Franchise Portal, in which licensees will be able to access and carry out direct communication with customer service agents. For Berno, this was one of the decisive factors in the selection process. “When we made licensing projections, we found a significant difference between Microsoft and other market players,” he says.

The portal will feature a chat tool and, in the first half of 2019, a chatbot will start operating on the portal to automatically address recurring issues such as the issuance of follow-up tickets.

“We have other projects in partnership with Microsoft using artificial intelligence on Azure,” says Berno. “We approved a cognitive platform project for 2019, where we will be addressing the business’s main pain points using artificial intelligence, in partnership with Microsoft partners. The project began in March, 2019 in our inventory department”.


Visibility of the entire process, from sales through to the activities of the company’s Expansion division.

The centralization of businesses processes in Dynamics 365 provided greater agility in day-to-day operations, from prospecting through to the opening of new stores.

Clear view of the sales funnel and of all reporting and dashboard activity.