Acetogen Chile S.A.
Jun 10, 2022

Acetogen Chile S.A.

Microsoft Intune

Business Needs

Acetogen has been a leading company in the retail sector for more than 45 years, marketing household products such as appliances, ventilation, heating and hardware in the industrial sector. The company provides safety and protection products for the hands, feet and head, plus work clothes and road safety among other products, which are distributed through its network throughout Chile.

Its main focus is on its distributors, to which it delivers a variety of products and high end brands on the market in each of its lines of business, focusing on increasing value for each of its distributors and creating opportunities for extensive and long-lasting business.

Acetogen needed a solution to protect their workstations and servers, software that would provide security against any threats when accessing or opening an email, websites and shared company documents, etc. Acetogen sought to protect the confidentiality, integrity and access to all their business information.

Some of their computers were at serious risk of spreading viruses and there was an imminent need to implement a tool to help prevent any spread, to provide the security and protection of the company information required by Acetogen, which was a major challenge for the iT team.

The company relied on geographically dispersed equipment, or in transit through various locations around Chile, all connected to the Internet. So it was necessary that the equipment had the required and necessary instant updates, plus a station setup and antivirus administration based on a centralized cloud solution to manage the devices remotely.


Acetogen relies on AlfaPeople, current technology partner for its Microsoft Dynamics AX solution, and the administration of IT services, but this time as a CPS partner (Microsoft cloud solutions Provider), to help find a solution to meet requirements for a new platform for the management and security of devices throughout the company.

As part of the evaluation, the Microsoft Intune solution was presented to Acetogen. This solution covers the latent needs and also generates added value for managing your business, including simplified implementation policy for firewall and security; installation, control and management of the antivirus platform; update management for the operating system and Microsoft products on each computer, as well as on each hardware and software inventory.

All with a PaaS based console and management through a simple Web console, this solution allows device management without its own infrastructure, completely in the cloud without investment in complex hardware solutions and additional software. It’s easy to use, managing personal and work devices (BYOD) remotely, and providing the option for remote virus removal to protect company data as well as antivirus and Microsoft Windows control updates, among many other benefits included in the solution.


Managing and protecting computers from anywhere

Thanks to its web console you can centrally manage the implementation of firewall policies, antivirus and security that keeps equipment safe, requiring that they are connected to Active Directory or using a private network to connect to server administration, regardless of their geographic location, and requiring only an Internet connection.

Identifying potential problems before they occur

Microsoft Intune allows equipment monitoring to proactively detect problems before they occur, and informing administrators through alerts to take appropriate measures to mitigate incidents. Examples of these alerts include situations such as duplicate IP addresses and installation of software incompatible with the Windows version, etc.

Easier administration, monitoring and inventory

Web-based security management, antivirus, and remote monitoring and applications, which include capabilities for distribution and configuration of EndPoint Protection (for Windows-based computers 7, 8 and 8.1) or Windows Defender (for computers based on Windows 10), allowing you to activate and configure the Windows firewall, send alerts before antivirus is activated, environmental standardization which makes administration easier, computer monitoring, hardware and software inventory, and all with SLA of 99.9% active service.