CRM Portal

Increase Engagement Levels and Foster Relationships
with Customers, Partners and Employees

Clients that use and embed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portal into their businesses can significantly increase engagement levels and foster meaningful relationships with a number of audiences, including prospective and current customers, partners and employees.

The capabilities and functions of ‘portals for Dynamics CRM’, provides all these audience groups with features including pre-configured self-service, peer-to-peer community options and options for sophisticated channel management.  Fully-configurable, the CRM Web Portal includes a range of tools that can be tailored, as part of a packaged solution or within a bespoke version, to support any business process powered by CRM data.  Additionally, it’s possible to extrapolate these business processes and the CRM data and extend these to a web environment.

The web portal extends the engagement scenarios. In this way Dynamics CRM adds even more value and a range of new business opportunities are possible as a result.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal gives customers what they want, which is the powerful ability to self-serve.  With access to a knowledge and support center, customers enjoy an improved customer experience, whilst ensuring that the expertise of service agents can be applied to the most important issues.

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Community Portal

Clients that wish to build and grow deep and detailed relationships with experts in both the internal and external communities will benefit from Community Portal. This portal gives brands the ability to grow their library of knowledge, build knowledge and create a virtual team of brand advocates.

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Partner Portal

Channel management and growth is key for many organizations, so Partner Portal has been built for just this purpose. Clients can increase visibility and productivity within each channel, using proven processes to better manage opportunities, improve communications and generate visibility to better allocate resources.

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Employee Portal

Employee Portal empowers internal teams by giving them the ability to manage self-service tasks for a range of crucial internal ‘customer services’, such as HR assistance, IT helpdesk and facilities requests. This portal helps to increase efficiency, productivity and streamlines common tasks.

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