Tailor-made warehouse processes for ready-made products
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Oct 31, 2016

Tailor-made warehouse processes for ready-made products

Warehouse – In the wholesale trade with ready-made products, there are special requirements for storage and logistics, which AlfaPeople meets with tailor-made solutions. The functions available in the standard AX 2012 R3 reach their limits in particular in connection with size-based, seasonal goods, the consignment business or block orders.

In conjunction with the A&T industry solution Apparel & Textile from Porini, AlfaPeople utilizes the possibilities of the AX 2012 R3 warehouse management processes and makes these accessible to companies with their own and/or outsourced logistics. In addition to processes specifically optimized for the industry, the process utilizes a transparent inventory management, mobile scanners, a complete transport management and an expanded packing station and printing control in a fully integrated system.

Seamless transparency

The warehouse organization depicted in the AX 2012 R3 takes into account all of the warehouse elements required in practice. Warehouse locations can be physically and logically defined to the smallest detail by means of types, profiles, formats, zones and zone groups and offer the automatic and manual storage space finding endless configuration options.

AlfaPeople strives to achieve as evenly a balanced utilization of resources as possible while taking seasonal peak times into account. In this context, possibilities of consolidating work and deliveries beyond the standard are particularly important. In combination with mobile scanners, large quantities can therefore be flexibly moved through the warehouse.

The continuously exact whereabouts of every single item is made possible by the AX 2012 R3 warehouse management concept. All warehouse employees and storage aids are considered by the system as (mobile) warehouse locations so that a local assignment is also given during inventory movements, between pick and put operations. Every item is therefore easy to find at any time.

Mobile scanners combine precision with flexibility

The use of mobile scanners is included in the standard AX 2012 R3 and therefore already integrated in the system without the need for a third party solution. The mobile scanners offer precise control possibilities at desired locations in relation to the picked-up items, batches or serial numbers. Additional restrictions or required confirmations can be installed at several points in the process.

Furthermore, it is possible to group collected items and to pass them through various stations of the shipping process as a unit. This also applies to transportation beyond the storage location. Grouped goods can therefore be collected at different warehouses of the company particularly quickly.

AlfaPeople also expanded the mobile scanner functions contained in the standard.

Packaging station and transport control

AlfaPeople’s warehouse solution takes into account control options with a view to shipping and transport already from the time of reservation. It must be possible to plan for and control different types of transport during the shipping process specific to the product and customer. AlfaPeople uses extensions to standard AX and Porini’s Apparel & Textile solution for this purpose as well as a separate interface to the shipping system of MHP, which is invisibly controlled as a black box for the user.

All of the documents, stickers and labels required for shipping are generated by AX and issued to the necessary locations via the AX-controlled printer, depending on the individual and possibly changed shipping processes. AlfaPeople has expanded the packing station and printing control from the standard with new setting options in order to ensure additional flexibility and process reliability at the packing station and at goods issue.

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