Vertical to Public Budget for Dynamics AX
AlfaPeople |
Mar 07, 2017

Vertical to Public Budget for Dynamics AX

Vertical designed and adapted by AlfaPeople Colombia with Microsoft Dynamics AX to guarantee an efficient planning, execution and control of the Public Budget in the Colombian Sector.

Public Budget

Choosing an Integral Administrative System for a PUBLIC SECTOR CLIENT is a strategic decision that will drive to relevant changes in the way of operating, managing and planning the projects of the companies from this sector, in order to obtain the benefit of having a more efficient and productive structure, with better information to make right business decisions, which will allow to trace its financial and operational processes and projects.

The public budget is a planning instrument expressed in financial terms that reflects expenses, applications, revenues and resources that a Public Sector entity will have over a period of time (validity) based on specific policies that result In specific objectives of each of the tasks that interact.


Based on this premise, the public budgeting tool designed by Alfapeople Colombia allows planning activities by incorporating quantitative aspects into each of the budget items supported by the business logic established on the financial dimension functionality in which it manages the control of the budget versus execution.

Something to note is that the module is configurable and adaptable to any client’s needs in the public sector, when having Microsoft Dynamics AX architecture configuration, queries, reports and main formats.

The starting point will be the module’s parameterization, in which each of the budget items shall be created defining control from its initial appropriation to the final execution of payment.

Within the budget process it is possible to carry out the planning of future periods, budgetary reserves, accounts payable and the cash Annual Plan. It also has separate periods that allow the respective closures and execution control.

The solution allows to carry out the budget chain of expenditure and identifies in every moment (CDP, RP, OBLIGATION AND PAYMENT) executed amounts vs the general accounting.

Budget execution is fully integrated with standard Microsoft Dynamics AX processes and modules: general accounting, suppliers, procurement and supplies, and payment records. This integration allows real-time (online) traceability and control, as well as self-analysis and budgets modifications as: additions, reductions, transfers and postponements. As for the execution of income, it is also possible to keep the online registration of each of the transactions from the diaries or receipts.

At the structural level, the tool is built in accordance with Microsoft Dynamics AX. In addition, the master tables in which the record of each transaction is kept are identified, which allows queries and reports.


  • The vertical budget solution built by AlfaPeople Colombia on Microsoft Dynamics AX offers transparency and visibility at the budget level, increases transparency and organizational agility, and helps to prevent gaps and reprocessing of budget control by incorporating security traces based on roles.
  • The vertical Public Budget solution, built by AlfaPeople Colombia on Microsoft Dynamics AX, allows to improve the operational efficiency throughout the whole cycle, from purchase, budget control, storage and accounting to profitability analysis for each of the dimensions or defined variables.
  • To fulfill all the steps and necessary elements for the correct administration of resources, to cover the objectives outlined in the economic and social development plans in a given period.