Safety and Health at work with the SISO module of Dynamics AX
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Sep 12, 2016

Safety and Health at work with the SISO module of Dynamics AX

SISO module Human capital represents one of the most decisive resources within organizations to achieve its goals. So as the world progresses it has become very important to seek for a work environment that cares about the worker’s welfare.

Considering this latent need, AlfaPeople Colombia’s interest is to solve this business concern through our ERP. Thereby, Dynamics AX created an idea to fulfill this need: a module developed by us.

How to start?

We began to gather information, consult different sources, customers, acquaintances, local regulations, internet, etc. We began to understand the need and how to meet our goal, having clear that we should develop a module to interact with human organizational talent.

And then?

We checked customer needs, evaluated documentation and set three ambitious targets for our module, focused on health and safety at work:


    • It had to allow to identify those organization areas in which the workers may face risks to his/her physical safety due to accidents or injuries, and set a level of severity.

2. Be able to track the health of workers during their service period with the organization.

3. Scheduling regular workplace wellness activities such as preventive health campaigns and physical check-ups.

Having clear our goals, we started a process of documentation, development and testing, of course with the best disposition and optimism to achieve our goal. Thus comes our first prototype we call SISO (Industrial Safety and Occupational Health).

What is SISO?

SISO is our first version of the module. We understood that it was necessary to open our goals into different processes, which meant AX menus, queries and reports.

In order to achieve the initial goal we set an option to generate a risk overview in which the customer will be able to identify which workstations and how many people are exposed to danger when performing their duties, thus allowing a welfare decision.

To achieve our second objective, we built job profile diagram menus per workstation (examination scheduler or reviews by period), updating the tests results with possible entries displayed on the employee’s sheet life and accident investigation.

Finally, our third objective is focused on employees welfare, so we created epidemiological surveillance program menus, preventive medicine campaigns and allocation of items for personal protection.

How are we doing?

We have implemented the module in some local customers as Aguas de Manizales and Variadores. They returned us good feedback about the functionality and several improvement suggestions.

What’s next?

In this way we re-invigorate ourselves in AlfaPeople Colombia to satisfy our customers.

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