Sales and Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Dec 02, 2016

Sales and Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales and Marketing- Companies that operate at a worldwide level are currently on a continuous quest to position their products and services on the market. They do this not only to meet their sales projections and goals, but also to permanently satisfy their customers’ needs for the future.

In order to meet market positioning goals, it is indispensable to innovate in all commercial channels, and that is why innovations have been made in different alternatives that allow companies to take advantage of all the different communications channels to connect with their customers, both locally and abroad.

Dynamics 365 offers options that allow organizations to improve their experience with commercial sales strategies, using an interface that allows access to information about products, prices, and benefits that will be offered to the final customers or consumers.

We should remember that many customers are connected through mobile devices and social networks, through which they can purchase and find different alternatives to acquire products and services. That’s why this solution aims to deepen the relationships with customers, to learn about their needs and expectations, and to let your business consolidate its position on competitive marketplaces while highlighting the good qualities and the benefits of the products and services that it offers.

If your organization works by using sales teams, it is important to make a strategic plan that allows it to reach different sectors, allowing your business to expand effectively. That’s why direct relationships with customers are so important, since they are based on the administration of opportunities through which your sales team can learn about the different business profiles of third parties, which will allow them to detect different market opportunities.

The Dynamics 365 solution lets you connect with different prospective groups and act based on purchasing signals, and to generate potential sales, through information based on publications on social networks. This will let you have statistics about sales volume, the most-requested products, and common consumer questions. With this information, you can make presentations, set product prices, and make impactful publicity that will meet the needs of the market.

In terms of marketing, Dynamics 365 will let you plan and evaluate different campaigns through different commercial channels. While it’s true that different communications methods support marketing management, it is also relevant because it generates commercial channels that let you evaluate the impact of all the investments and efforts that have been applied to commercial strategies. Let’s remember that the objective is not only to add new customers and earn their loyalty, but also to consolidate the positioning of the products and services that we offer, with the objective of promoting continuous improvement, research, and innovation.

Using a single platform, the solution offers alternatives to generate budgets, connect different areas of the organization, obtain approvals, and synchronize information in real time, all of which will let you make decisions with the goal of taking advantage of commercial opportunities.

Additionally, you may also plan business resources by following and searching all information related to inventories, supply chain, and finances, in order to support the integral management of sales and marketing. This is all part of a solution that will let you reduce operational costs and apply work plans in order to reach permanence and growth for small and medium-sized businesses, thereby surpassing your organization’s growth expectations by becoming a permanent fixture on today’s competitive market.

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