Productivity tool – Transform your business from inside out with Microsoft productivity tools
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Nov 17, 2016

Productivity tool – Transform your business from inside out with Microsoft productivity tools

Productivity  – In a socially active world your business must be able to adapt, and this transformation must begin from within your company, as it depends on a connectivity and productivity platform that allows for secure conversations and interactions, using tools that the employees are already familiar with and that are easy to adapt to including: Office 365, where you can manage the files and documents of your company using Share Point and publish documents that you want to share with the whole organization or a specific group, directly in Yammer (a business communication and modern collaboration network). If you wish you can synchronize through OneDrive, connect and hold meetings from any location at any time with Skype for Business, share presentations and hold video conferences with other members of your company regardless of location.

Your company must be able to depend on a totally dynamic and communicative intranet that supports the interaction of its employees from any device, and through your business applications this communication is converted into social and interactive conversations. All this in a single connected experience that combines the social, collaboration, email, instant messaging, calls and video for the whole organization.

Engage your employees and improve the communication of your business, become familiar with and incorporate the social networks into the organization, innovate, adapt and respond quickly to the different technological changes, create a unified communication culture with access from wherever and whenever you need it.

Platforms like Yammer allow you to create a social business and deliver the best service thanks to a company network, transforming the way in which your employees work and communicate, whether they are working on group or individual projects, proposals or events, fostering interactive conversations with the ability to share files, updates and much more. In addition, this platform allows you to obtain information from within the company and get group contacts and information which may be helpful to you.

The integration of Office 365 and Yammer enables the collaboration of documents, to share and publish, as well as consult and edit using Office 365 Online. This will allow you to have the information more quickly and get suggestions and information of interest on Yammer which pertain to your searches in Office 365. Purchase a connected shared experience and analyze content from your Yammer network directly from Share Point, as well as the diffusion of Skype for Business meetings and much more.

The social and mobile technologies really improve an organization´s potential, allowing them to adapt to the changing market and focus on activities that add value to their work and organization, contributing to the growth and productivity of the business and enhancing the IT department with the functional capabilities of management and administration.

Businesses are everywhere these days and in order to keep up to speed, your employees need access to their work and the ability to connect with their teams at any time and from anywhere. Transform your business quickly and efficiently and expand the boundaries of your business now.

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