Discover new opportunity in better business intelligence
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Apr 07, 2017

Discover new opportunity in better business intelligence

Having business intelligence resources to develop greater insight from in-house data is a powerful asset for informed decision-making. But imagine the advantages of expanding that intelligence to identify and act upon entirely new data and patterns available beyond the scope of your existing operations.

Now, it is easier than ever to unleash your analytical creativity thanks to the versatility inherent in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its Power BI (Business Intelligence) and Cortana Intelligence Suite capabilities.

Start with a powerful, versatile structure

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As vital as the data in your discrete IT assets might be, you’ll never maximize its collective value if you can’t easily manage it as a comprehensive resource. A properly structured business intelligence solution helps you reduce the complexity of transforming diverse in-house and external data into valuable, actionable information.

Consider the industry acclaimed Power BI, a cloud-based suite of business analytics tools embedded in multiple Microsoft cloud services like Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Power BI makes it easier to visualize and analyze data from a variety of sources – any way and anywhere you want – then share those insights to both desktop and mobile platforms, via the cloud.

It enables you to:

  • Merge past and present data from more than 50 popular Microsoft and third-party business data resources – Dynamics 365, Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Marketo, Oracle, Sybase, and more.
  • Identify new trends and model potential strategies to react favorably to evolving influences on business performance or market situations.
  • Improve accuracy and consistency in structuring data and testing hypotheses that are most relevant to your operations and needs.
  • Create reports in seconds to deliver knowledge and power to the appropriate decision-makers. Personalized dashboards make it easy for specific users to access data and customized reports most relevant to their specific responsibilities.

Add intelligence to the process

Going beyond historic data to predict future trends and opportunities requires an ability to combine the power of diverse data, advanced analytics, and even artificial intelligence. Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite delivers all of that in a fully managed suite of Big Data resources, machine learning and analytics, and cognitive APIs. It is tailored by both major industry categories and departmental functions to simplify the transformation of data from multiple sources into targeted action.

In a retail or service environment, for example, it can incorporate customer preferences and predictive recommendations to accelerate your path to additional sales. In a manufacturing environment, it can track and analyze key characteristics related to production or maintenance, enabling you to optimize your work environment and workflow for maximum efficiency and ROI. Cortana Intelligence is also available in targeted solutions for banking, government, and healthcare environments.

Leverage the power of a common model

The Common Data Model (CDM) used by both Dynamics 365 and the Cortana Intelligence Suite creates advantages in your quest for greater business insight. It also enhances efficiency by making it easier to connect data across diverse systems and disciplines:

  • Build secure cloud databases to compound the benefits of data from discrete internal and external sources.
  • Push or pull data to or from that secure cloud database using simple connectors that make it easier to communicate with any system.

Explore new possibilities

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the business intelligence advantages you can gain from its Power BI and Cortana Intelligence Suite resources. Ask an AlfaPeople cloud solutions consultant about how you can take a tour of Power BI capabilities.