Necessity for a CRM health check
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Aug 08, 2016

Necessity for a CRM health check

CRM Health Check – The implementation of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is always associated with high costs and expenses. It is therefore important that the system is firmly integrated into everyday work and ideally is advanced by the company’s management.

If this is not the case, such projects often already fail in the introduction phase. Statistics and studies show that 50% of all projects are cancelled too soon or too quickly. The reasons for this are often not in the software as such, but rather in the processes and configurations that, in the worst case, lead to a rejection of the product.

The initially high expectations in terms of customer service, customer satisfaction or even an increase in sales are not met. It is important in such a case not to resign, but rather to get the solution and acceptance back on track.

Ideally, this is done in conjunction with a CRM Health Check. The mode of operation, defined processes and system requirements are accurately checked in order to in the future implement the CRM solution for the entire company as originally planned and in a profitable manner.

Issues such as performance, data quality, permission settings and testing processes and interfaces are analysed very carefully.

The performance often very heavily depends on the customizing of systems, the nature in which processes have been mapped, the existing hardware or how the system accesses are designed. Our CRM specialists know these weaknesses and can quickly locate and resolve possible errors.

It is important during a CRM check that the users and managers of the company develop concepts and proposals together with the CRM consultant that serve sustainability. This in turn means that the question is posed, for example, of how the departments of service, sales and marketing work together. Which staff need what permissions and information in order to be successful? In the CRM system, various roles can be assigned and thus the staff are only provided with the functions that they need. This makes the operation more clearly arranged and promotes acceptance. This area is also a component of the CRM Health Check.

Finally, the workflows and interfaces are analysed. In order to increase the productivity of the system, but also of the employees, it is important to automate repetitive tasks. Our specialists can configure these workflows to be profitable, thereby bringing the process landscape to a new, higher level.

The importance of interfaces is often underestimated. Office applications or the ERP system are indispensable in everyday business. The added value of these solutions, however, first becomes apparent when they are directly connected with the CRM system. Data can be exported directly from the CRM system to Excel and evaluated. Mail can be sent directly and sales queries can also be generated directly in the CRM system.

All of these issues are carefully recorded, analysed and evaluated by our team in order to list ways to optimize and generally to achieve better user acceptance.

During a two-day workshop, all crucial points are recorded, the issues are weighted and then prioritized. Only after this are symptoms and possible causes determined and solutions ultimately developed. The creation of a road map and proposals for implementation then complete the CRM Health Check.

Our many years of experience confirm that, following a successful Health Check and the resulting changes and measures, employee motivation and the productivity of all departments will increase. Companies operate more successfully and can therefore take advantage of the decisive competitive advantage.

Invest in our two-day CRM workshop and let yourself be convinced by our experts. You will be surprised what potential lies in you and your system.

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