Experience business with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud
AlfaPeople |
Oct 25, 2016

Experience business with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud – Technology changes fast, and when it does, so does the way we do business. A few decades ago, the first information management systems helped us organizing data inside corporations, improving internal management. More recently, companies also learned to reach their customers easily on digital channels, through mobility and social media. The future company will use the information we have in CRM and internet systems to benefit the customer, enabling a rich, complete end-to-end experience. This is the third wave of information technology, the wave of Experience Business.

When we input registration forms to the first CRM systems, we improved our sales, marketing, and services team’s productivity. When we created the first corporate websites, we allowed companies to be reached easily. Now, it’s time to use the power of the information and the channels available to really change the way we interact with our customer, allowing customers not only to reach our businesses but to have an experience.

From an incident open through social channels to an invoice copy downloaded from an app, all marketing effort on digital media aims for the customer experience to be more continuous, pervasive and personal. We want the customer to need less forms, telephone numbers, and representatives. But that’s not easy. We need cloud systems truly connected and integrated. We need a unified solution that doesn’t require much orchestration between systems, platforms, and suppliers.

With Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud, Microsoft is uniting in one offer what’s best and newest in CRM, ERP, Productivity, and Digital Marketing, enabling the creation of a customer experience that’s truly connected, based on high quality, large-scale corporate systems. It’s something new to companies, since other suppliers still fight to migrate their platforms to the cloud, or are still limited to niche solutions.

Dynamics 365 is born in the cloud, integrated with best-of-breed services that support some of its most advanced features: internet of things with Azure IoT, personal assistance with Cortana, artificial intelligence with Azure Machine Learning, business intelligence with Power BI and productivity with Office 365. Those are leading and innovative solutions that distance Dynamics 365 from other options, empowering companies to enter the Experience Business era with state-of-the-art corporate systems.

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