Do you know the kind of impact from ICT in the business environment?
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Sep 30, 2016

Do you know the kind of impact from ICT in the business environment?

ICT business environment – Currently we find ourselves in a shrinking market and industries are facing major stresses. According to a World Economic Forum’s study, Colombia is ranked in a competitiveness secondary position.

Among its recommendations, which are included in the Competitiveness Committee Colombia, it is indicated that IT applications to enterprises are crucial for strategic innovation and improving productivity; however, this statement is in contradiction regarding the reality of the colombian business park, where 4 out of 10 companies have integrated systems (ERP); and only 1 in 3 companies have a relationship system with customers (CRM), a critical gap if we compare against European countries which double these numbers.

The previous statement reaches its full meaning depending on how strong are competitive pressures on companies. A mandatory purpose is to build and take care of a client portfolio in order to have a solid basis to grow and remain standing when the market dynamics change tendencies.

Likewise and around this new evolution course, fundamental changes are occurring around ICTs, which are explained below:

In the first place, companies are increasingly adopting technologies addressed to the consumer, which have been called “consumerization”, and this along with the rise of social networks has determined that the employees require technologies and modes of communication within their business activity which must be similar to those typically used in their private lives and they are familiar with.

Secondly, the model of cloud computing or cloud services, in which large providers offer services applications from the Internet, have more immediate and effective solutions with synergies in terms of costs against schemes traditionally acquired by companies. This has allowed the universalization and democratization of knowledge as these practices are not exclusive to large corporations but rather based on low TCO or Total cost of ownership, accessible to all SMEs and family businesses.

In the same way and according expert studies as Garnert Group, communications and collaborative applications have been the most widely adopted followed by CRM systems, and it is already beginning to provide niche solutions such on Human Resources and logistics: companies can become more competitive on the premise of redirecting the administration costs of the technology platform to cost optimization generated from those business growth synergies.

Definitely, the paradigm has changed in keeping older applications through user-friendly solutions, which help them to build a future involving more organization levels to access information in order to have more assertive decision-making scenario.

No doubt this new dynamic is reformulating the vision of the new company, that could be defined as the organization that will get the most out of market tendencies and will be characterized by being active, energetic and farsighted, anticipating and adapting to changes keeping its competitive profile with 3 strategic components:

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