Field Service Sales Machine Service Department
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Sep 08, 2016

Field Service Sales Machine Service Department

Field Service Sales – Companies in all industries and on all continents are confronted on a normal working day almost identically with requirements, which are often mastered with great difficulty. They are the typical processes, which increasingly make life difficult. The process starting from the first contact with the customer related to the sales, installation, maintenance and service and right to operation, is a challenge for many a company. Mainly in the After Sales area, which is concerned with taking care of customers and maintaining customer satisfaction at a high level.

That happens right here in this phase! The customer calls and reports a defect in a machine. Obviously, the problem must be rectified as soon as possible and the machine in question must be made operational again. This is where it starts: No free service technicians, no information about the current location of the service technician, no tools in hand, although they must be in place according to the inventory list. Even if the service technician could be re-directed temporarily, he would not have the specific customer’s documents (machine drawings, spare parts, history, maintenance booklet, etc.).

In order to get these problems under control, Dynamics CRM Expansion FieldService Management has been introduced recently. FieldService Management for Dynamics CRM emerged as Microsoft bought FieldOne. The whole FieldOne solution was integrated in Dynamics CRM and launched as its expansion under the name Dynamics FieldService in the market.

Dynamics FieldService offers a lot of features, the following are the most important:


Service contracts are directly recorded in the FieldService solution. As soon as these are allocated to an available service technician, this appears on your Mobile Client. The open service contracts are automatically accepted in the Service route and it optimal route is calculated accordingly. In the process, factors like priority, distance, etc. are considered and marked.


All the available resources can be split up individually for each service contract. That means that not just manpower and vehicles are allocated to an order, but even special equipment like special tools which the service technicians do not have in the service vehicle. This gives the company an overview over the availability and use of costly tools

Resource planning

Service technicians can be planned very easily on a planning board. In this, factors like vacation, geographical customers- and sector allocation, know-how and certifications as well as miscellaneous criteria, which play an important role in sending the right person, at the right place to the right customer.


All service reports are immediately filled on site by the service technician on the Mobile Client. Then the customer can immediately sign the report digitally. The advantage in this is that one does not need any “Paperwork”, the customer receives his document immediately via e-mail and the service contract can be billed immediately by the back office.


All the contract documents- and the customer-relevant documents are available at any time on Mobile Client of the service technician. Technical drawings, floor plans, operating instructions, repair instructions, etc. are available. Thus, the service technician can also carry out complex repairs, without the customers having to wait.

Additional sale

Service technicians have the option to take over contracts at the customer on site and to record immediately as work order. That increases the profitability of the service department and a sales generating department emerges from a so-called cost unit. The customer can immediately resolve his “Concern”, does not have to search for a provider and is thus not left for the competitor. Apart from that, the customer satisfaction is enormous.

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