External production in Apparel and Textile
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Sep 06, 2016

External production in Apparel and Textile

External production – If the production cycle of your clothing and textile products includes production steps within your company and/or at external suppliers, then the special Apparel & Textile add on of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 production control will help you to simplify your process steps.

With this function, you can precisely plan the external production steps in the production control, calculate the costs of production and also handle the commercial process for these external production steps via Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 purchasing processes.

There is an optimized material provision through the connection with the AX 2012 warehouse processes and the special apparel and textile functions in production-dependent stock transfer processes.

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The apparel and textile add on builds on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 standard functions for external production and includes functions for processing individual external production steps as well as for managing semi-finished products. This in turn includes the creation of transport documents and stock transfer from internal production to the external production site of the supplier.

One or more service products are required in the production BOMs to determine the cost of production of the finished product, for the commercial processing as well as for the transport of the semi-finished products. It is not necessary to manually create products for these service elements. This is done automatically depending on the finished product and the work steps (e.g. finishing) based on product templates.

Automatic product creation

If the production cycle provides for a transition from an internal production facility to an external facility, the system automatically inserts a semi-finished product into the production BOM. When ordering the services (e.g. finishing) required to process the semi-finished product further, automated service products that are dependent on the work steps of a finished product are also created and inserted into the production BOM.

Production, service processes and transport

The required orders for the services are automatically generated during the preliminary calculation or release of a production according to the production progress. Use these orders for the commercial processes. Due to the purchasing processes, the costs for the service are automatically incorporated into the production costs after booking the invoices. The system gets the purchase prices of the service from the trade agreements of the finished product and, if necessary, size surcharges can also be stored for the service.
If the production work plan includes a semi-finished product, the transport order for this semi-finished product is automatically generated with the production release according to the production progress so that the shipping to an external operation can be planned for.

The further processing then occurs at the external operation. With the goods receipt at the internal manufacturing site and the finished notification of the corresponding external work step in production, an update (delivery note booking) of the service purchase order belonging to the work step occurs automatically. At the same time, the material components consumed at the external operation can be gathered automatically.

Inter-company processes

If you have vertically integrated production processes, the Apparel & Textile add on creates the automatically generated service products at the company of the internal production facility as well as at the company of the external production facility while using the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 inter-company function. Country-specific settings of the service products are stored in the company-dependent product templates so that no reworking is required on the automatically generated products.

Flexible allocation of BOMs and work plans

If your production processes provide that the finished products can be produced at various external production companies depending on the utilization, when creating a production with the Apparel & Textile function you have the ability to use optimized BOMs and work plans automatically for the respective external production operation.

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