Have you ever spent hours on hold for customer service?
AlfaPeople |
Oct 07, 2016

Have you ever spent hours on hold for customer service?

Customer Service – Do you know the feeling of waiting and waiting in line for customer service? And then when you finally get through, customer service keeps bumping you around from one customer service employee to the other? Often you get forwarded to a specialist in a support and customer service department and then, after a long time waiting informs you that they need to send out a “field service” employee to fix the problem. As the last “cherry on the top”, they ask you to stay at home the whole day and it’s not possible to get a more specific timeframe. This is something I as a consumer has experienced a lot and I find it very frustrating.


Imagine having a customer self-service. This could be done through both social media and web. All of this could help identify the issue at hand, and who knows – maybe guide you to solve the problem yourself?

If that is not the case, then there would be a possibility of easily and quickly get in contact with a customer service function (for example, chat, call me, email or phone call) and then you yourself could book a service-visit at a time that fits your time schedule. Moreover, imagine that on the day of the service visit you would receive a text message, if for example the service technicians are delayed, suggestions of a new time and the possibility of you being able to make a new appointment, if you are not able to stay at home at the new suggested time.

Initiate proactive activities

Let’s take a couple of steps back and see the situation through corporate-glasses. Imagine that your customers have experienced this type of being-on-hold-nightmare as the example mentioned above. Imagine for example that if a customer has addressed this issue several times, and there automatically gets generated a lot of activities, which helps the customer to solve the problem himself instead of just waiting on hold on the phone again.

Customer service all in one place

Imagine that both sales, marketing, customer service and Field Service have access to all of this customer knowledge. Field Service, when something needs to be repaired/installed, brings full knowledge of the customer’s concern, and hands over the proper parts/products already at the first visit, and secures a follow-up on former visits.

Realize the commercial potential

If you can see the problem of some of the challenges I mentioned above and you believe that this is something worth investing in, then I have some great news. There are several IT business solutions and consulting services that can realize the possible potentials mentioned above. By way of example, this could be a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution (where customer and Field Service is included as a part of the united CRM solution. With this solution all employees will have the possibility to achieve a full customer-overview, contribute constructively to the whole customer experience and work structured together with sales. AlfaPeople has solid experience with these specific areas and a big focus on realizing the business-related potential that a company could have.

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