Digital Marketing Trends for 2017
AlfaPeople |
Jan 30, 2017

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Digital marketing is a discipline that changes very quickly, guided by consumer habits and human interactions that are constantly influenced by technology. It’s essential to the company that wants to stay competitive to keep up with the trends and identify realistic and practical ways of benefiting from this industrial revolution that we’re living in.

You have to be ahead of your competition to win the marketing race. Know the digital marketing trends for 2017 and take action!

Mobile Dominance

The use of mobile devices doesn’t only represent a trend anymore. 2017 will bring the conclusive and definitive victory of mobile over the desktop. In this year we watched the impressive growth of mobile, now that more than half of all internet searches and more than 90% of Facebook visits happen through mobile devices. Sites, e-mails and campaigns need to be totally prepared for the mobile world, that now become the main user case to be considered.

E-mail Marketing

The death of e-mail is being rumored for many years, but the numbers only proved that this media is still one of the most effective on digital marketing. In 2017, e-mail technology will be even more refined with tools and practices of Behavior Target and advanced Segmentation.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming experienced significant growth in 2016 with Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat. Growing internet connection and device camera quality allows anyone to share its moments with the world, live. In 2017, we’ll see creative uses of this technology for branding and promotions, in a marketing that prioritizes the individual narrative of the customer as its biggest tool.

Big Data and Data Visualization

The amount of data collected from digital experience grows every second, and it’s more important than ever knowing how to extract useful information from these bases. 2017 will see more and more mature Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and Adobe Analytics, and will also be the year where the data scientist role will be more necessary in companies and agencies.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is coming to marketing with full strength, with its first service bots working at websites and digital platforms. Frameworks such as those in Microsoft Cortana allow every company to build machine learning algorithms, cognitive services, gather customer insights, work with predictive analysis, face recognition and service bots. In 2017 these technologies will enable advanced product recommendations, self-servicing and other high-level applications, democratizing artificial intelligence.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is still a challenge to many companies that didn’t invest in digital transformation. To those that already did it, there are changes to consider in 2017, with the unified solutions of Marketing Clouds that are gaining more traction, and the crescent importance of CRM systems as customer profile hubs and marketing actions orchestrators.


Internet of Things is growing rapidly, and service platforms as Azure IoT ease and drastically reduce implementation costs of this technology. With IoT and Wearables, 2017 presents many new opportunities to connect companies and customers, providing a greater experience with the brand. Companies will have access to more data, customer habits and preferences, allowing for marketing actions that are more efficient.

Immersive Experiences

Virtual reality, augmented reality, 360º videos and live webinars. We heard a lot about those technologies in 2016, and we’ll hear even more in 2017. With an immersive experience, people can feel they belong to something bigger, and tighten their relations with companies. 2017 will be a year of learning how to make marketing in those medias. We need to learn how we can sell to our customer in apps like Pokémon Go and devices Oculus Rift and Holo Lens.