Digital Business Story: Introduction
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Oct 28, 2016

Digital Business Story: Introduction

Digital Business Story Introduction – Our vision is to become the UK’s most trusted supplier of Microsoft Online Services, delivering value-based solutions combined with best in class deployment techniques. We offer consultants that are more than just product experts, they are leaders in industry and digital transformation. Our focus as a Microsoft Partner is to specialise, not just in the product, but as leaders in digital transformation. We advise our customers about best practice and how to achieve it, and aren’t the ‘Yes man or woman’ that is so often encountered in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) space.

Our approach sets the scene for a new series of blog posts by Martyna Marciniak, our experienced CRM Consultant, who is based in our London office and embracing Digital Transformation by participating in The Academy of Digital Business (ADB) Leaders Executive Diploma in Digital Business. This six-month course that has been constructed by industry leaders from organisations such as Google, Warner Music and advisors to the UK Government on Digital Strategy.

In each blog that follows this, she’ll be writing about an area of digital business that is important to both her and our clients. Her first course module is about digital transformation and Martyna told me that: “Digital transformation is a key part of Microsoft’s overall strategy. In a keynote address at the Microsoft Envision event in New Orleans earlier in 2016, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, said:

“Companies succeeding at digital transformation are doing four things. Becoming more engaged with their customers, empowering their employees, optimising how they run their business operations and transforming the products and services they offer using digital content.”

I think every one of the four aspects Mr Nadella has listed can be advanced in some way with an appropriate CRM strategy and the right set of products and solutions in place as part of that strategy. CRM has the power to directly improve customer relations, help employees to achieve more and make their lives easier, drastically improve operational practices and efficiency, enable managers to make data-driven decisions and deliver superior experiences to end-customers.”

Martyna is already a highly capable and experienced CRM specialist, with a keen interest in and knowledge of digital transformation. She’s worked as a CRM Consultant at AlfaPeople for two and a half years and before that, she worked at EPSON as a CRM Specialist, delivering projects to align processes and systems integrations with a specific focus on business analysis. Prior to that, she worked at OfficeTeam gaining valuable insight into how to create and run marketing CRM campaigns. Martyna started her CRM career at MoneyCorp, where she says she laid the foundations of her knowledge in this industry.

I asked Martyna what she thinks the ADB Digital Business Diploma will bring to her and her role:

“It will give me the ability to identify how we can make improvements for our clients’ projects and processes on a day-to-day basis. I also believe that it will equip me with a deeper and more diverse set of skills to lead the increasingly innovative, change management and digital transformation projects that we manage for our clients. I enjoy my job and working in our industry because it allows me to play an instrumental part in helping clients to improve their own business – and ultimately benefit their own customers.”

Check back on our blog in a couple of weeks, for Martyna’s views on what digital transformation projects really involve, the potential pitfalls, golden rules and how to plan your own.

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